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VisDraw 1.0

VisDraw is an interactive drawinig tool.   You can use this tool to interactively draw shapes and text and save them as SVG files or images.



You need J2SE 1.4.1 or higher version of Java to run this application.  To run from the WindowsExplorer, double click on the jar file
To run from the command line, type:
java  -jar visdraw.jar

Java2D Image Viewer
The Java 2DImage Viewer is a stand-alone application that allows loading, saving,rendering, and manipulation of JPEG, GIF and PNG images. This applicationwas developed using  the APIs developed in the book BuildingImaging Applications with Java Technology: Using AWT Imaging, Java 2D andJava Advanced Imaging. The Java 2D Viewer is an example in Chapter7 of this book, which is available as a sample chapter at the Addison-WesleyWeb site for this book. You can also download the entire source code( and the Java docs from this site.

JAIImage Viewer

This is astand-alone application with similar functionality as the Java 2D ImageViewer. You need to install the JAI package to run this application. Downloadit for free from the Sun's JavaAdvanced Imaging (JAI)  home page.  The JAI Image Viewercan read different image formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF,and FPX.  It can also save the displayed image in the same formatsexcept GIF.
 It is an examplein the book BuildingImaging Applications with Java Technology: Using AWT Imaging, Java 2D andJava Advanced Imaging, the source code for which is available freeat the Addison-Wesley site. The JAI rendering principles with examplesare covered in chapters 10, 11, 12, and 13.  Chapter 11 is availableto download from the Addison-Wesley site.
Click here to download. The zip file contains an executable jar file.
To run theJAI Image Viewer app, you need J2SE 1.3 and JAI 1.1. To run from the commandline, type:
java  -jar JAIviewer.jar
To run from the WindowsExplorer, double click on the jar file.

AWTImage Viewer

This imageviewer displays images in a 4 on 1 format ( four viewports). It supportstwo simple features: Pixel statistics and Cine. This Image Viewer was writtenusing JDK 1.1 APIs. It is available as an applet as well as application.The working principles are explained in the chapters 2 and 3 of the bookBuildingImaging Applications with Java Technology: Using AWT Imaging, Java 2D andJava Advanced Imaging.
This zip fileincludes the source code for both the Image Viewer applet and
Here are thecommands to run the Image Viewer:
To run the application:  java  ImageViewer
To run the applet using the JDK: appletviewer viewer.html
To run the applet,clickImageViewer. This applet was written inJDK 1.1. If your browser doesn't run it, it may be because it doesn't supportJDK 1.1 features. You can run this applet in Netscape Communicator 4.06and later versions and Microsoft's IE.

JarImage Browser

The Jar ImageBrowser bean lets you view, manipulate and print  images from a jaror zip file. When you select a valid jar file, this bean lists the imageentries in that file. You can sort the entries by alphabetical order orby date. You can select one or more of images from this list and launchthe  image viewer. The image viewer will adjust the sizes of the imagesto display all the selected images. This bean can be run as a stand-aloneapplication. The implementation uses the new Java 2 features that includesCollections,javautil.jar, Java 2D and Swing. To run this bean/application,you need to install Java 2 or later version. This bean comes with a jarfile that can be directly executed. This is a new feature in Java 2.
Visit the JarImage Browser Bean page to download the source codeand the bean

JavaImage Browser

The Java ImageBrowser has the same display functions as the Jar Image Browser bean. WithJava Image Browser, you can load images from a local directory as wellas jar/zip file.
Visit the JavaImage Browser page to download the the bean. Thesource code is similar to Jar Image Browser.

Java2D Beans
 Currentlythere are three beans.

Graphicsand Imaging Books
    Visit my Graphicsand Imaging books site.

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