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Welcome!  I hope you will look around and find many things that interest you. I write just about everything, but my latest books are historical fiction especially geared to fourth and fifth graders. Teachers and librarians will find study guides to use with those two books, Time of the Eagle and Jingo Fever.


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Jingo Fever 

Because of her German heritage, twelve-year-old Adelle struggles with bullying during World War I.  “Stuck” in northern Wisconsin, helping her mother care for her ailing uncle, Adelle worries about her brother fighting for the Allies.  Compared to him, Adelle feels like a coward until real danger presents itself. Jingo Fever explores the timely issues of discrimination against immigrants and bullying.

Time of the Eagle

When most of her family dies of smallpox, Autumn Dawn must take her little brother and try to find other Ojibwe people to live with.  Set in the 1700’s when diseases like smallpox raged through native American communities, Time of the Eagle is not only a fast paced adventure, but fits nicely into the curriculum when studying the fur trade of the upper great lakes.  The Council for Indian Education has recommended Time of the Eagle as being appropriate material for use in schools.

Jingo Fever and Time of the Eagle  available as  an e-books!!


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