Stephanie Golightly Lowden

††† Author, Teacher

Works in Progress

Wiggly William

William canít sit still in school.† In fact the only class he thinks he is any good at is gym.† He loves the races his gym teacher organizes.† So when William finds out about a much bigger race he decides to sign up.† When he wins the race William figures out a way to not be so wiggly anymore. Wiggly William offers a solution to teachers and parents that could also instill new confidence into children who struggle in their classrooms.† Picture book

Bill and Dotties: A sad chapter in childhood remembered during the last years of my mother's life. Memoir

Cousins: Supernatural forces compel four cousins to confront secrets about their past and grapple with the future. Womenís literary fiction/magic realism

Power of Two: Allie and Jeremy are inexplicably thrown fifty years in the future by a confused alien cat.† When they find themselves in Chicago and learn what damage climate change has already done, they are determined to save the world. Middle grade time travel

Daughter of Magic: Denae longs to be a simple gardener, but when she comes into her powers she fears fate will lead her down the same evil path that destroyed her own mother.† Young adult high fantasy