Stephanie Golightly Lowden

    Author, Teacher

I do a variety of appearances for schools, libraries, senior centers and book signings.   Specific programs are:


Writer’s Block, Word Salad, and Sloppy Copies. Using a sense of place, kids’ real life experience and fun story starters, I show even the most reluctant writer how writing can be fun. Target audience: Third-Fifth grade (PowerPoint) 

 So You Want to be a Writer: Seeing a Familiar Place with New Eyes Using a sense of place, I take kids through my journey of writing Time of the Eagle and Jingo Fever. The setting played an important role in both novels and is an effective way to engage a student’s imagination. Everyone has a special place they love. Starting from that premise, I will show kids how they can overcome writer’s block and create exciting stories written from the heart. Target Audience: Age ten and up. (Power Point)

Time Travel to Frontier Wisconsin . I do a one hour fur trade demonstration with hands-on fur trade items. My novel, Time of the Eagle, can be tied in nicely when studying the fur trade. I have been a docent at the WI Historical Museum since 1986 and have given many fur trade tours.  Target audience: Fourth to Fifth graders, especially when studying WI history.

Huns, Krauts, Hyphenates: German Immigrants and WWI. I will discuss the research I did for my middle grade novel, Jingo Fever.  As an undergrad, I was doing research for Professor E. David Cronon at the UW Madison when he was studying the political climate in Milwaukee during World War I.  What I found would greatly influence the writing of my novel many years later. Target audience: adult (PowerPoint)


$100 for one hour, $375 for a full day (four sessions), plus transportation and lodging.

Genres of books: fiction

References available upon request.






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