Computer Solutions: Repair and Training


W4446  Hwy A

Fredonia, WI 53021

Contact Info:     Cell: 414-807-4105     


Has the computer age started to take off with out you?  Do you ever feel lost on the web?  Do you think your PC is a little sick?  Are you looking for someone to help install a printer or piece of software?  Look no further...

PRT is your computer guide.  I have taught Technology to Middle and High School students for over 15 years, and I am here to help you, too.  My philosophy is to help real people use technology for their needs.  I specialize in one-on-one in home training and repair.

I have technological expertise with Apple, Linux, and Windows computers.  I am able to repair hardware and software from all makes and models.  I enjoy working wiPicture033_15Apr05.jpgth people and computers.

Skill Set

  1. Over 25 years of Computer Use

  1. Over 15 years of Teaching Experience

  1. Virus, Ad-ware, and Spyware Removal

  1. Flexible Scheduling including Evenings and Weekends.