Caliburn Fencing Club teaches the sport of fencing in the Milwaukee area. Descended from the duel, fencing is a sport of speed, skill, and quick thinking. All skill levels, from beginner to expert,are welcome. Don't know anything about the sport of fencing? Click HERE for more information.


Plymouth Church Gym, 2717 E. Hampshire, Milwaukee, WI (2 blocks east of UWM off of Downer Ave.)

see Map for directions

Meeting Times

Mondays, 7:30-9:30 pm

Wednesdays, 6 pm - 8 pm

Saturdays, noon- 2 pm

Sundays, 2 pm - 4 pm

Weekend Practices may be affected by tournaments. See the monthly practice schedule for more information. Beginners' courses are offered throughout the year.

Practice Format: Wednesdays and Saturdays, especially when beginners' courses are in session, will feature the greatest amount of organized instruction: group warm up and class/drills at the start of each session, followed by open fencing. Mondays and Sundays are oriented more towards open fencing. Individual lessons can be taken at any practice, subject to the instructor's schedule. Club tournaments are occasionally held Sunday afternoons. The club has 6 strips that can be set up, including 3 3-weapon strips.

Instruction: The drills at the start of practices are separated into beginner and intermediate/advanced groups. Individual lessons are available from our coaches following warm-up exercises. Michael Shepshelevich, a member of Russian international foil teams, gives individual lessons, as does Fencing Master Tony Gillham. Joe Biebel, a former member of U.S. World Championship teams, leads warm-up and footwork sessions.


Basic club fees are $55 per month or $10 per session. The 8 week beginners' courses offered at various dates over the year cost $90, or are included as a part of regular membership. Training Packages including club membership and individual lessons are also available, or lessons can be purchased separately. Fees include use of equipment for practice and competition. The full club price structure is available here.

Contacting Us

You can get in touch with Caliburn either by calling the club phone at 414-281-1999 and leaving a message on the answering machine, or by e-mailing Dave Neevel at .

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