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devonHi welcome to THE KIDS PAGE. As you have probably guessed by now the kids are exotic birds. Twelve to be exact. Nine Greenwing Macaws, Mom (Red), Dad (Sly) and seven babies that they presented to me. The names of the seven babies are: Parrot Mason, Sherlock, Columbo, Wallenda, Kamikaze, Genji, and Kenji. Included are also a Hyacinth Macaw, Devon, a Blue & Gold, Kokomo (Moee), and Morrigan the Moluccan Cockatoo. They are quite a handful and a very amusing bunch. They are always into mischief and always learning new things. Take a trip through our little wonderland and learn more about us. This picture is of "Devon".


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Song being played = Gone Away


Gone Away is dedicated to Sherlock's clutchmate and sister. She was only five months old when she died of visceral gout, I didn't even have time to name her but I called her my Loving Baby Girl because she would jump out of her cage into my arms she loved me so much. Her passing caused me a great deal of heartache and she is sorely missed. Also it is dedicated to a chick that did not make it to a day old, don't know what went wrong but the poor thing passed away. Both of these birds are now in Macaw heaven and I hope they are living the happy lives they would have had on earth with me. This song is also dedicated to Juni the smiling springer, who crossed Rainbow Bridge in the spring of 1998

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