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Penumbra CD001

Photo: Debra E. Levie

ELSEWHERES features twelve electroacoustic improvisations and compositions by Hal Rammel created on an instrument he first designed and constructed in 1991. The simple construction of this instrument, the electroacoustic sound palette, belies a wealth of rhythmic and timbral possibilities as evidenced on this disc. Drawing equally on the cinematic vistas of musique concrËte and the immediacy of free improvisation, the electroacoustic music of Hal Rammel as well reflects his long abiding interest in the visual and auditory explorations of Luis Bunuel (L' Age d'or, 1931) and the intimate panoramas of collagist Joseph Cornell (A Pantry Ballet for Jaques Offenbach, 1942) and the painter Toyen (The Spectres of the Desert, 1937).

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