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Penumbra CD004

Photo: Hal Rammel

WHOLE OR BY THE SLICE collects eight electroacoustic compositions created by instrument inventor and improvisor Hal Rammel and audio artist Lou Mallozzi, the culmination of a two-year studio collaboration. Rammel is known for his subtle and evocative improvisations primarily focusing on unusual instruments of his own design; Mallozzi is known for his carefully constructed studio pieces dismembering language in its many guises. Their resulting collaboration is a journey with many facets - the resuscitation of old technologies, the playful immediacy of instrumental improvisation, the meticulous care of studiophonic construction, and the more-than-occasional sublime monkey-wrenching. The eight compostions on this disc file and fold, spindle and mutate everything from old 78s and tin can telephones, to lo-fi radio and dismembered pianos. From "Pythagoras" (with Lou Mallozzi's text narrated by Nina Mallozzi) to "Slice and Anti-slice" (with solo violin by Terri Kapsalis) this CD double-mindedly melds the improvised and the deliberate. Liner notes by John Corbett; cover photo by Hal Rammel.

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