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Penumbra CD005

Photo by Dawn Mallozzi

RADIOPHAGY presents three radiophonic works by audio artist Lou Mallozzi spanning 1990 to 1996:

"Drifters" (1996) ...the overheard and the underheard, a roving ear through personal anecdotes in a series of slippery locales, tongues loosened from their moorings, a noisome sieve, and a final exam on believable speech.

"Dizzy, not Numb" (1995) ... breath, heat, bulk, and scent: a body of language on the language of the body in motion, in repose, and in a place where utterance, meaning, and interpretation collide and dissolve.

"Building from Scratch" (1990) ...a letter and its possible translations fall into a gap between fact and fiction, where a traveller is force-fed her memories under seige as the dial tone drones an accompaniment to disconnecting signals.

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