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SLYBERSONIC TROMOSOME, featuring Tom Hamilton (synthesizer, electronics, beat thing) and Peter Zummo (trombone, valve trombone, irrigation hose, dijeridoo, mouthpiece extender, beat thing, superfunnel) became more than an idea on June 18, 1993 with a recording session and dinner at Zummo Labs studio on Staten Island, in New York City. Two musicians, two engineers, two people. The original encounter led to a six-year collaboration, which has included performances and more recording sessions. The special studio mix on their debut CD chronicles an epic-length co-composition in which Hamilton and Zummo pursue phrase and gesture across the electro-acoustic divide. Their live music features interactive electronic messaging, allowing for real-time modification of and response to the mix. To make this CD, the synthesizer andtrombone were recorded separately, then integrated and correlated in the digital-mixing environment.

SLYBERSONIC TROMOSOME has appeared in New York at CBGB's, Greenwich House "Stormy Mondays" series, the Staten Island Electronic Music Festival, Lotus Music & Dance "Warmer by the Stove" series, Roulette "Mixology" series, and the Audible Visions/Open Faucet series at the Middle East in Boston. In Europe, venues included MEX in Dortmund and CUBA in Muenster (Germany) and a three-day festival, the Zummo/Hamilton Conference 2000, presented by the Logos Foundation in Gent (Belgium).

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