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Photo: Hal Rammel

TWOFER features the duet improvisations of guitarist John Corbett with two separate collaborators: cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm and bassist Torsten Müller. John Corbett's work as an improviser and composer is well-documented on his two Penumbra CDs (THE DEVIL'S IN THE DETAILS and VAN'S PEPPY SYNCOPATORS) and his studiophonic collection I'M SICK ABOUT MY HAT (Atavistic). Fred Lonberg-Holm may be best known for his work with fellow Chicagoans Michael Zerang and Ken Vandermark in a number of ensembles, including the Peter Brotzmann Chicago Octet/Tentet. Some of his most recent recording projects include a trio with Michael Zerang and Axel Dorner (on Menicus) and the hat[now]ART CD DEGREES OF ICONICITY as part of the Guillermo Gregorio Trio (with Carrie Biolo). Bassist Torsten Müller's short, potent discography, includes LPs Müller recorded with legendary Hannover-based improvisor, trombonist, cellist and bassist Günter Christmann. These include a quartet with Christmann, Williams, & Smith, WHITE EARTH STREAK (Trans Museq), a duet record CARTE BLANCHE (FMP) and others recordings as a member of Günter Christmann's ever-shifting enemble VARIO.

Lou Mallozzi's Experimental Sound Studio recording of these duets capturess all the subtle exchanges of these remarkable improvisations. This CD is released in a limited edition of 500.

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