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1981 Topps Squirt

Over 10 DIFFERENT 1981 Topps Squirt Baseball Cards currently available!


PLEASE NOTE: All items on the list marked with an "X" I currently have in stock.

Simply copy & paste the ones I have in stock you would be interested in & we'll go from there.

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  SetName Card # Player
1981 Squirt 1 George Brett DP
X 1981 Squirt 2 George Foster DP
1981 Squirt 3 Ben Oglivie DP
X 1981 Squirt 4 Steve Garvey DP
1981 Squirt 5 Reggie Jackson DP
X 1981 Squirt 6 Bill Buckner DP
X 1981 Squirt 7 Jim Rice DP
1981 Squirt 8 Mike Schmidt DP
X 1981 Squirt 9 Rod Carew DP
1981 Squirt 10 Dave Parker DP
1981 Squirt 11 Pete Rose DP
1981 Squirt 12 Garry Templeton
X 1981 Squirt 13 Rick Burleson
1981 Squirt 14 Dave Kingman
1981 Squirt 15 Eddie Murray SP
1981 Squirt 16 Don Sutton
1981 Squirt 17 Dusty Baker
X 1981 Squirt 18 Jack Clark
1981 Squirt 19 Dave Winfield
1981 Squirt 20 Johnny Bench
1981 Squirt 21 Lee Mazzilli
1981 Squirt 22 Al Oliver
1981 Squirt 23 Jerry Mumphrey
X 1981 Squirt 24 Tony Armas
1981 Squirt 25 Fred Lynn
X 1981 Squirt 26 Ron LeFlore SP
1981 Squirt 27 Steve Kemp SP
1981 Squirt 28 Rickey Henderson SP
X 1981 Squirt 29 John Castino
1981 Squirt 30 Cecil Cooper
X 1981 Squirt 31 Bruce Bochte
1981 Squirt 32 Joe Charboneau
X 1981 Squirt 33 Chet Lemon

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