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Bob Uecker

5 DIFFERENT Bob Uecker Baseball Cards & items currently available!


PLEASE NOTE: All items on the list marked with an "X" I currently have in stock.

Simply copy & paste the ones I have in stock you would be interested in & we'll go from there.

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	Card #  Set                                   

	594     1962 Topps
	22      1963 Braves Jay Publishing
	126     1963 Topps
	543     1964 Topps
	519     1965 Topps
	91      1966 O-Pee-Chee
	91A     1966 Topps
	91B     1966 Topps
	91      1966 Topps Venezuelan
	10      1967 Coke Caps Phillies
	326     1967 Topps
	32      1968 Braves Postcards
	3       1975 Brewers Broadcasters
	14      1978 Braves TCC
X  	NO#     1988 Blue Cross Blue Shield (LOOKS LIKE 63 TOPPS)
X  	14      1992 Confex Baseball's Enquirer
X  	152     1993 Action Packed ASG
X  	22      1995 Brewers Police
  	265     2001 Topps Archives
X  	342     2001 Topps Archives
	TAA82   2001 Topps Archives Autographs


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