Dixie Doodlers Go Touring CD

Dixie Doodlers Go Touring CD - Click for Larger Photograph

  • High Society - A great traditional New Orleans street march featuring 14 year old Bradley playing the famous Alphonse Picou clarinet obbligato, followed by 20 year old Dave on trombone. Near the end, Bradley returns with 23 year old Andy harmonizing the same Picou riff ala the famous Kenny Ball version in the 60's. 5:12
  • Singin' the Blues - Step back into the 20's with Bix Beiderbecke, Frankie Trumbauer and the Austin High Gang with our version of this classic. Dave, Andy and Richard make this a memorable performance. 3:25
  • Miles of Elbow Room - This rollicking spiritual with the seldom heard verse has all hands clapping with Brother John on the vocal, Richard, Gary, Dave and Ken, John on piano and Andy leading us to the musical Promised Land! 4:26
  • Apex Blues - This great old blues tune features John, Richard, Gary, Dave and Ken on solos with a great trombone trio (John, Dave, Andy) bringing the tune to the "Apex" of musicality. 4:37
  • Burnin' the Iceberg - This great Jelly Roll Morton Piece is controlled chaos at its best from the piano solo by John, followed by Dave and Andy, to Washboard Jack holding it all together. Whew! 2:56
  • Creole Belles - A nostalgic trip to the early days is in store with this relaxed, melodious, pretty piece that has Dave, Andy, Richard, Kan and John featured. 4:54
  • Deed I Do - Andy steps up with our only "arranged" piece in the style of the '20's "hot" dance bands. Vocal by Ken and a sizzling solo by Andy lead to a truly unique ending. 2:49
  • Fidgety Feet - From the opening clarinet duet with Richard and Bradley, solos by Bradley, Gary and Andy, the wonderful chorale (courtesy of "Sugar" Willie Erickson) and the great gut bucket solo by Dave, this tune remains a favorite of listeners. 5:04
  • Grizzly Bear Rag - A wonderfully syncopated fun piece featuring the baritone horn of Dave with tasteful ensemble work by the band. 3:00
  • I Would Do Anything For You - How's this for versatility? Dave and Andy; 4 hands on 1 piano, just sitting down and having some fun. 4:26
  • I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now - Another hot 20's tune featuring solos by Dave, Andy, John and Richard. Also note the debut of recording engineer Greg on snare drum with brushes. 3:52
  • Joe Avery Blues - A staple of brass bands of New Orleans to this day, our version showcases Richard, Gary, Dave (on a mystery instrument), Andy, Ken and John. 5:35
  • Kansas City Kitty - Some great sounds here with Richard, Andy and Dave trading 4's and 2's. Ken and John on kazoo. 4:50
  • On My Way to New Orleans - Ken's beautiful guitar starts this wonderful tune written by Jimmy Durante. John follows with a vocal and an ensemble that includes baritone and alto horns and again Ken's guitar. 3:16
  • Panama - This old war horse rides again with Ken, Gary, Richard, Dave and Andy leading us back to the barn with a great key change ending. 4:15
  • Pretty Baby - Saving one of the best for last, Ken's vocal leads Dave, Richard, Gary, and the incredible Bass Saxophone solo by Andy Schumm through a really exciting version of this great '20's standard. 3:58

Per Your Request - Meet the Doodlers CD

Per Your Request - Meet the Doodlers CD

  • Mahogany Hall Stomp 4:13
  • Sidewalk Blues 5:30
  • Coney Island Washboard 5:23
  • Dixie Doodler Stomp 2:36
  • Big Lip Blues 4:40
  • Tia Juana 5:50
  • Hot Tamale Man 5:44
  • Louisiana Fairytale 3:25
  • Chattanooga Stomp 6:05
  • Ma - She's Making Eyes at Me 4:30
  • Mandy Make Up Your Mind 5:53
  • New Orleans Shuffle 5:19
  • Take My Hand Precious Lord 3:27
  • San 4:23
  • Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down 5:26
  • Take Your Tomorrow 6:39

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Dixie Doodlers Go Touring CD - Click for Larger Photograph Dixie Doodlers Go Touring $15

Per Your Request - Meet the Doodlers CD Per Your Request - Meet the Doodlers $15

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Sample Unmixed Recordings

Greg Kalkhoff in Recording Studio Greg Kalkhoff works to record, mix and master tunes. CDs have been bought by Dixieland lovers from as far away as Germany and Slovakia! Here are a few unmixed samples.
  • Kansas City Kitty, Walter Donaldson - 1929 in G. Popularized by Rudy Vallee. Some sections have six or seven sharps for trumpets and clarinet. Andy and Gary take dueling solos on trumpets. (4:00, MP3, 5.6 Megabytes)
  • Mahogany Hall Stomp, Spencer Williams - 1929 in Eb. Named for Madam Lulu White's "Mahogany Hall," one of the finest bordellos in Storyville. (4:23, MP3, 6.2 Megabytes)
  • New Orleans Shuffle, Whitmore - 1920s in Ab. Recorded by Bob Wilber's Wildcats 1948 and the Titan Hot Five 1996. (MP3, 5.0 Megabytes)
  • San, McPhail and Michels - 1920 in F.(4:25, MP3, 4.1 Megabytes)
  • Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down, Howard Quicksell and Ray Lodwig - 1927 in Bb. Quicksell was banjoist with Jean Goldkette Orchestra, Beiderbecke, Trumbauer, etc. Also wrote Sorry. Lodwig played trumpet on some of Bix's sessions c. 1930, such as I'll Be A Friend With Pleasure. Recorded by Bix Beiderbecke 1927, Pee Wee Russell, Gene Krupa 1938, Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra (Sy Oliver arr.) 1934, etc. (MP3, 5.0 Megabytes)
  • Take Your Tomorrow, J. C. Johnson and Andy Razaf - 1928 in F. Recorded by Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra (Bix, Lang, Bargy, etc. Vocal: Trumbauer and possibly Austin Young) 1928. (MP3, 6.1 Megabytes)

CD Recording Session

Dixie Doodlers Between RecordingsPhotograph shows the Dixie Doodlers with 8 microphones on September 29, 2008, between recording tunes for a CD. Front Row: Rich Regent, clarinet; Gary Lavann, trumpet; Andy Schumm, cornet; Dave Bock, trombone; Back Row: John Knurr, piano; Mark Kranz, tuba; Ken Olson, banjo. Jack Clark, washboard, is in a different part of the studio for better sound separation.

Recording EquipmentThis is a 1/2-inch, 15-inches per second, tape recorder with 8-channel mixer. Greg Kalkhoff operates the controls during recording. Next, tunes are selected, then the audio is processed by computer, and finally the master recording is used to make the CD.