Radio and Television Stations - Wisconsin

WTMJ-AM Radio, 620 kcs, 10 kW Day, 5 kW Night, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, about 1963.

WTMJ-TV, Channel 4, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, about 1966.

WYLO-AM Radio, 540 kcs, Jackson, Wisconsin, about 1965, a year after going on the air.

WISN-AM Radio, 1130 kcs, 50 kW Day, 10 kW Night, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May, 1965.

WMAD-AM Radio, 1550 kcs, 5 kW Day, Madison, Wisconsin, about 1964.

WAUK-AM Radio, 1510 kcs, 10 kW Day, Waukesha, Wisconsin, about 1965.

WXIX-TV Channel 19 and WUHF-TV Channel 18 Television, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, about 1964.

  • Control - Switching, audio and video multiplexer equipment. Dennis Brechlin, K9MKC, at controls.
  • Video - Video record and monitoring gear.
  • Transmitter - General Electric.

Teltron CATV Cable TV Stevens Point and Wausau, with a few microwave sites, 1969. Owned by The Milwaukee Journal.

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