Pentominoes is the set of shapes created by combining 5 squares or cubes, with faces touching each other, in every possible combination.  Mirror images and rotations do not count as additional combinations.

With this, we achieve 12 unique shapes, as seen below:

p111.gif (5283 bytes)

They tend to resemble the following letters, respectively:

F  I  L  N  P  T  U  V  W  X  Y   Z


What can you do with these 12 puzzle pieces?  You would be amazed!

(Remember, each piece contains 5 squares, so there are 60 cubes total.)

Using all 12 pieces, you can make:

  1. A 6 x 10 rectangle (see photo below)
  2. A 5 x 12 rectangle
  3. A 4 x 15 rectangle
  4. A 3 x 20 rectangle
  5. An 8 x 8 square with 4 pieces missing in the middle (see photo below)
  6. An 8 x 8 square with 4 pieces missing in the corners
  7. An 8 x 8 square with 4 pieces missing almost anywhere
  8. A 3 x 4 x 5 cube (see photo below)
  9. A 2 x 5 x 6 cube
  10. A 2 x 3 x 10 cube
  11. A 2D replica of each piece, only three times larger
  12. A 5 x 13 rectangle with the shape of 1 pentomino piece missing in the middle
  13. Shapes with jagged edges
  14. Tessellations using a pentomino
  15. Hundreds of other shapes!


You can make your own set of pentominoes!

Run, don't walk, to the nearest craft shop and buy 60 wooden cubes, each measuring about 3/4" on a side.  Glue sets of 5 together into each of the 12 pieces shown above.  (Make sure the U isn't too tight for the others to fit into it!)  Then, have hours of fun trying to create each of the above shapes.

pent2.jpg (2796 bytes) pent5.jpg (2218 bytes) pent6.jpg (2989 bytes) pentsml.jpg (2846 bytes)

The photo on the right is a pentominoes set I purchased in Shanghai, China.  Each cube measures about 15mm on a side.  It's a very nice set, great size, clever box with lid, and only cost about 120RMB ($15).  The manufacturer is Dr. Br@in. 

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For books on pentominoes, I highly recommend the following:

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For more selections, check out for other books by Martin Gardner, pentominoes, puzzles, etc.

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