Snow Plow Adapter

Kubota F2260, F2560 or F3060

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Would you like to have a plow for your Kubota? I did, so I began researching the cost of a Kubota plow, including installation. I mention installation because a Kubota plow requires an additional valve that needs to be installed for the ram on the Kubota plow. This valve may need to be Kubota Dealer installed. I am not sure if the typical homeowner or small businessman could install this valve. I did not do any research on installing this valve because I did not buy the Kubota plow. I discovered that a Kubota plow with all the brackets and hydraulic hardware costs over $1500.00. This price does not include installation of the extra valve for the ram. I changed my mind about wanting a Kubota plow for my Kubota.

The Kubota plow is a heavy duty commercial plow. If you have a large apartment complex or a large commercial property and need a heavy duty plow, then the Kubota plow is the better choice. Additionally, due to its weight, the Kubota plow would be difficult to store during the summer if you plan to keep it in a garage, as I do. Installation would require the addition of a separate hydraulic valve and ram, which turns the blade to the left and right during use. I wasn't sure I could have installed the extra valve or if it would have required a Kubota dealer to do the installation. That would have added pickup and delivery costs plus the cost of installing the extra valve. In my case I would have done the rest of the Kubota plow installation myself had I bought the Kubota plow. That Kubota plow is a nice feature if you have a lot of area to clear; however, although I have a large yard, my driveway is just a bit bigger than average size. I had no need of such heavy duty equipment.

I knew that ATVs could be fitted with plows, so I began searching for alternatives and discovered that several ATV plows are available from other suppliers to fit ATVs and I have adapted one of these ATV plows to fit on my Kubota F3060. After visiting a few ATV dealers to look at the plows they offer, I decided that the Warn plow in a 60 inch width and the Warn push tube was the best choice to adapt an ATV plow to my Kubota. I think it is the best size. I would not suggest going any narrower. Typically, the going price, including shipping, for this 60" Warn plow and push tube is about $300-$320.

I do not sell the Warn plow and Warn push tube; however, I will provide you with a good supplier so you can order the plow and push tube. The part number for the Warn 60" plow number is: WAR 78960. The Warn push tube part number is WAR 78100. These are the only parts you will need from Warn.

I am now selling this adapter to mount the Warn plow to your Kubota. As you can see in the pictures, you will need to remove your mower deck and drive shaft. The adapter is an easy bolt on assembly and requires no drilling. There is a bracket that bolts to the front arms, which enables raising and lowering of the plow using the existing Kubota hydraulic valve. Installation is a breeze. Takes just a few hours as you will also need to do some assembly of the Warn plow. The bracket kit will be sent unpainted. Prior to assembly you will need to paint the brackets. This should not take very long as no taping is required. A semi-gloss black should work well on these brackets and generally semi-gloss paint dries very fast.

This Warn plow locks in one of 5 positions: straight and two choices of angle in each direction. By attaching a rope from the lock lever to your steering post, you can easily change the blade angle from the driver's seat while driving. I just used some rope and a section of broom handle with a hole drilled in it. I grab the handle and pull to release the lock on the plow, find something to push on (a snow bank generally) to turn the plow, and let go of the rope and the plow will lock into that position. I may offer a deluxe version of this at a later date for an additional charge. The rope in the pictures is this device.

We recently had 14 inches of snow. Though ground was a little warm and the bottom of the snow was somewhat wet, the plow worked like a charm. Plowing my driveway was quick and easy. What a joy instead of trying to use my snow blower. I even did a few of my neighbor's driveways. Had I used my walk behind snow blower, it would have taken a few hours and I would have struggled with the wet snow clogging the snow blower shoot.

Summer storage: Once you remove the plow, you will find it is easy to take apart. Just loosen the spring pressure and remove the springs. Remove two bolts and the plow comes off the push tube. This makes storage easy as it takes very little room. The plow and push tube can then be stood on end or stored on a shelf, certainly one of the biggest reasons I wanted to adapt an ATV plow to my Kubota. The Kubota plow is much harder to take apart and is also much heavier and harder to store for the summer.

If you have any questions, email me at or call 262-835-9575. I am proud of this project. The kit is very heavy duty, complete and well hand crafted. There is nothing else to buy other than some paint and the Warn plow and push tube. All the parts (and instruction sheet) needed to install this Warn ATV plow on your Kubota are included. Total cost to install this plow on your Kubota is under $500.00.

Shipping is via UPS: The kits are somewhat heavy and shipping will be dependant on weight and distance. I am in the Milwaukee, WI area. I am always fair on shipping and charge only slightly above the actual cost to cover the box etc. Kits are in stock now.

Kubota plow adapter: Fits all Kubota F60 series front mowers: F2260, F2560, or F3060.
Kubota ATV plow adapter price: $129.00 plus shipping.