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In the late 70s & early 80s, I drew a comic strip, "The Weirdo," for my weekly hometown newspaper. The story was continued from week to week, and I published two collections of these strips: The Weirdo, #s 2 (published 1979) & 3 (1980). (What happened to #1? It was a 1-page pamphlet. I still have a little stack of them, but keep putting them someplace where I can't find them...)

I also self-published Bat Comix #2 in 1982; this featured a fantasy story, a Weirdo story, and a high-school hi-jinx tale. (Again, what about #1? I published Bat Comix #1 in 1974; I believe all existing copies that I have are nearly oxidized to the point of non-existence.)

If you would like to purchase these comics, you can get all three listed above & shown below for $6.00 (will be shipped Media Mail). Please send a check (will be held 2 weeks, to clear) or a money order (will usually receive next-day service) to:

Rodney Schroeter
PO Box 334
Random Lake WI 53075-0334

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