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  Welcome to the Rokugan's Scrolls of History! We scribes work diligently to compile all the scattered stories, legends, and philosophies to give you a complete account of the History of the Emerald and Jade Empires. Search through the scrolls as you see fit, we have tried to organize them by famous periods of our recent history.

Current Events and Stories

fs.jpg (4600 bytes) Fire and Shadow
Hitomi ascends to the heavens. Bayushi Yojiro is given the mantle of Champion of the Scorpion Clan. Sanzo chases down the Shadow-tainted Emperor. The Crane Civil War ends.

Updated May 16th, 2000

L5R History - The Imperial Herald #14 and #15 has a concise history of L5R! I am reprinting it here. (More to come as our scribes have time to copy it)

Clan Letters #14 - COMING SOON!

Strike At Midnight - Phoenix wins - Story coming soon.

Race to Volturnum - Stories being posted on the Wizard's of the Coast site:

Day 1 - Crab
Day 2 - Toturi's Army
Day 3 - Yoritomo
Day 4 - Phoenix
Day 5 - Crane
Day 6 - Naga
Day 7 - Monk
Day 8 - Unicorn
Day 9 - Lion

Day 10 - Scorpion
Day 11 - Dragon
Day 12 - Ninja
Day 13 - Shadowlands Horde

Clan Letters #13

Flavour Text -  The last installment of the Clan War Saga FOIL cards. (Thank you Zen Faulkes)

Flavour Text - Fire and Shadow
For the COMPLETE Fire and Shadow Spoiler list be sure to check out The Stronghold.

Fire & Shadow Rulebook Story

New Strongholds  
Iron Moutain
Kyuden Kitsune
Temples of the Crow

Official Fire & Shadow story page.

Other recent developments in Rokugan


Follow Hitomi during her travels:
Join Hitomi in her quest to free herself from mortality. When Hitomi strikes the fateful blow, who will be her second? Who will free her to become the new moon? Join her in the heavens, and bring timeless glory to your clan.

Day 1 - Kyuden Togashi
Day 2 - Shiro Mirumoto
Day 3 - Shrine of the Ki-rin
Day 4 - Shiro Aojiroi
Day 5 - Mountains of Regret
Day 6 - Shiro Yogasha
Day 7 - Otosan Uchi
Day 8 - Kyuden Doji
Day 9 - Kyuden Mantis 
Day 10 - Kyuden Ashinagabachi
Day 11 -  Kitsune Mori
Day 12 - Golden Sun Plain
Day 13 - Mizu-Umi no Sakura Yuki
Day 14 -
Shiro Kuni
Day 15 - Twilight Mountains
Day 16 - Shinsei's Shrine
Day 17 - Shrine of Osano-Wo
Day 18 - Ryoko Owari
Day 19 - Yogo Shiro
Day 20 - Spine of the World Mountains
Day 21 - Mountain of the Seven Thunders
Day 22 - Kenson Gakka
Day 23 - Heigen no Otaku
Day 24 - Kyuden Tonbo
Day 25 - Toshi no Aidanikawa
Day 26 - Exile's Road
Day 27 - Shrine of the Three Sisters

Quote of the Week

"To Jigoku with Kami and their commands. I will never be Shinjo's pawn."
Yoritomo Refuses the Throne - Fire & Shadow

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