UPDATE(12/11/6): core.com moved www.execpc.com URLS to my.execpc.com, so some of these links didn't work. They should be fixed now. I know this web site is lame, but I am a programmer and prefer to spend my time doing that instead of making my web pages look fancy.

This is a repository for my Pilot and other stuff, mainly MGA G200 linux info and patches. Unless otherwise mentioned, the source code is GPL (Gnu public license, see www.opensource.org), and the executables are freeware - no fee, no warranty.

kjvbible.zip - do it yourself kjv bible
kjvtext.prc kjv bible text prc
concorde.prc concorde reader prc
conco044.zip concorde reader source


TrashCan/RecycleBin for the Palm. Basically an undelete utility.

Download TrashCan't

JamCam MMC SlideShow!

Updated 6/17/01 - v 0.06
I just got a new JamCam which uses MMC media like my Palm m505. So I thought I would write a slide-show for it. This is an early version of one so it is rough but works. GPL, source included. Shows raw card access on the Palm. 0.03 sped things up, 0.04 added gamma correction (so pix don't look as dark), 0.05 autolaunches upon insertion and removes the "the handheld doesn't recoginze this card" message. 0.06 Adds a Delete PIC feature - graffiti an "x" to mark it, then when you exit it will delete the marked pix.


File Manager, unzipper Viewer for THE EXPANSION MEMORY CARDS for the Palm m500 series (should also work with handera and Clie).

Now included in ZBoxZ version 0.29.


File packager and handler for the Palm.

ZBoxZ is at SourceForge

formerly known as (Palm)Boxerk

Many Files here are on my Sourceforge site as downloadable PQAs.

Playmidi updated

Uses SysZLib.prc, which is an updated ZLib for PalmOS, for more info on that see the PalmZLib Homepage

The updated player is there as playmidi45a.zip

Also, UnPQA - decompresses PQAs back into HTML.

For Linux with Source.

Concorde (KJV Bible reader - 1.2M to fit on a Palm III) is at


OpenPGP is at www.cryptography.org - in the PGP section. I will be revising it to fix key management shortly, but the current version with source is already there (particularly I want to be able to do keysigning via IrDA).


I just got a Rand McNally StreetFinder GPS. StreetFinder is good, but bloatware but the GPS (apparently made by Magellan) is great and works with QuoVadis.

Well, I wrote my own GPS opensource program. Alpha, and covered by the Gnu Public License (see www.gnu.org for redistribution and modification terms). tzgps.zip

Pilot Link Fixes

Better rom support (clears bit), also sets bits right for pqas. Fixes a problem with compiling shared libs under SUSE linux.

Against 0.9.3

LINUX: G200SVGT.patch updates SVGATextMode to work on the Matrox G200. (It should leave Mystique supported, and also work in the G100).


MGAGx00.diff updates G[124]00 cards - (400 w/ID 0x525).


NEW! Turn the numeric graffiti area into a mini-keypad with keypadhk! Get keypadhk.zip. Released under the GNU public license (see www.gnu.org for the full text) with a further restriction that this cannot be distributed with any hardware or accessory without permission.

0.5 should work with middle caps hack and includes a better configuration screen, as well as other internal improvements.

KNOWN BUG: Numbers in shortcuts aren't recognized, so any shortcuts that use numbers need to be changed. (I don't know if I can fix this because I think Graffiti looks at this "inside" - so even entering letters with the popup keyboard dialog doesn't work).

(the full numeric/keypad dialog popup still functions)

  0. |ND


Unstreak/Turbo for Palm IIIx or Palm V (or any other EZ processor):

With no unstreak, and optimized (smaller) - install and reset.

nowaitz.zip is also here. It reduces the wait states on the flash and ram to zero, and also adjusts the contrast like StreakHack, but this is NOT a hack. It automatically starts upon reset, or by tapping the icon. If your Palm crashes, you will need to hold the up scroll key to prevent the program from setting turbo mode out of reset so you can delete it. Also, if a program goes into greyscale, it won't restore the contrast (unlike StreakHack), so you will have to tap the icon yourself. Please report any successes or failures to tz@execpc.com

NOTE: It only runs once after being tapped or out of reset. It changes registers which should stay changed until the next reset, so it doesn't "run" like the other clock based hacks.

Playmidi stuff



Includes source to the conversion tools

For the builtin speaker (lame, so don't blame me).


To convert a multitrack midi file to single track:


pictures of the play only interface:


A better description of the play-only interface with Radio Shack part numbers (Thanks to Pete Moss):


I haven't tested this, but a mac user provided this stuffit archive with a port of my conversion utility:


Converter for PCs





doodhack.zip Grabs screen to doodle pad when calc is hit (with source).



txtbmp.tgz Convert bitmaps to ascii and vice versa (with icon templates). UPDATED bmptotxt to handle compressed bitmaps.

beamdood.pat Patch doodle to beam the drawings

cbhack.zip Callback Hack - do things while alerts are up

nolohack.tgz Flash the menubar upon low battery nolohack.zip (instead of interrupting) - hack howto in gcc

prctobin.c Unpack a .prc file into component .bin files (yes, you can rerun buildprc)

stringil.h Inline all those string and memory functions for gcc (needs -O1 or greater). Not fully tested. feedback welcome.

undocPCP.txt Things I wished I knew about the Palm Computing(R) platform.

sertool.zip Simple tool to play with the Serial port (and system clock rate).

lcd16gry.zip Trivial doodle pad demonstrating 16 level grey scale on the Dragonball EZ (Palm 3x and 5 - not checked for, use at your own risk). GPL (see www.gnu.org).



Trivial hack to do the alarm beep instead of doing an actual modem sync omnipage.zip


Hack for Happy Hacking Cradle and CueCat (trademark of Digital Convergence). Version 0.10. lttrbox.zip