Video Salvage™
Video taped tours 
of salvage yards for 
practical parts search 
and nostalgia. 

Started in 1995, 
Video Salvage™ has been preserving old forgotten collectible vehicles on videotape. 
Where ever people once discarded motor vehicles there are bound to be some that escaped the crusher 
and found their way to  some quiet resting place. 
  Video Salvage™ seeks out these places and brings them to you, 
the old car enthusiast. 

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Some of the states covered by the 
Video Salvage™
New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia

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Fall/Winter `99 in North Carolina
Summer `99 in Ohio
Spring `99 in New Mexico & Tennessee
Fall/Winter`98 in California
.Summer `98 in California
Tape Listings

What do people think about Video Salvage™?

  "Thoroughly enjoyable - as if I was doing the looking myself."   Alan M.   Valatie, NY

  "I liked it so much, I went over it three times since  I got the tape." Charles B. TwentyNinePalms,CA

This image is from Vic's Salvage Yard featured in the Pilot Video. The yard contains several hundred collectible vehicles; some complete. The pilot also features several other rarely visited salvage yards. The tape's length is one hour VHS. The yards look the same today as they did in the late 60s. Many different vehicle makes are located at Vic's, including some unusual models such as Kaiser, Hudson and Studebaker.   All Video Salvage TM tapes include free shipping and a printed guide with contact information like name, address, phone number etc....


This Pontiac is located in Russ Waldron's yard also on the Pilot Video. In the same row of vehicles a number of cars from the 20s through 30s sit in their final resting places.
    Have you been to a salvage yard in the dry southwest?  See Arizona clean rust free cars on TV at home by purchasing a Video Salvage™ VHS tape.  How about the warm southeast?  Go to a Georgia pine forest filled with cars from the 1930's, 40's and 50's.  It couldn't be easier to travel to view these salvage yards.  Don't fill your gas tank, or drive for hours, just sit down, relax, and watch the cars go by.  Video Salvage™ has already walked the rows of old vehicles for you.   Each VHS tape has a printed guide with addresses and phone numbers.  As with all Video Salvage™ tapes, first class U.S. shipping is already included.  Canadian orders include free shipping too.
The Introductory Sampler allows you to see how Video Salvageª can help and entertain you.  The video series currently covers the states of Arizona,  Colorado, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.  More footage from Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, New Mexico and Georgia is now also ready to ship.
The goal of the Video Salvage™ series is to bring an inexpensive, entertaining and informative  trip to the old car fan.  I am sure many of you enjoy wandering through old junkyards, even if that next project is still unknown.

Tapes are available from:

Video Salvage™

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