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A complete listing of available Video Salvage™ tapes: All tape prices include shipping. A printed guide is also included which gives the necessary yard contact information like location, address, phone #, etc.

The Sampler tape looks at all the Video Salvage™ tapes in 30 minutes for $10 with FREE SHIPPING!

The Pilot tape features several old "out of the way" yards in Wisconsin. I call it a day's journey in one hour. This tour must be ordered with another tape. Unnarrated. 63 min. $10 VHS or DVD-R

 •The Spring `96 tape features two large yards in North Carolina. Each yard owner describes an aerial photograph of their yard. Many restorables are seen in a separate section of each yard. Developed with the comments from Pilot customers. Narrated. 120 min. $18 VHS or DVD-R

 •The Summer `96 tape travels throughout the southeastern United States. Six smaller locations are visited, four in SC, one in WV, and one in GA. You couldn't do this tour in 1965 for the cost of this tape! Narrated. 122 min. $18 VHS or DVD-R

 •The Florida `96 tape visits yards in Florida. Three locations are seen: one large yard, a medium yard, and a side of the road collection. The larger location has some great variety and decent sheet metal. The second yard was transformed from modern junk to classic collectibles. The last segment shows a literal pile of cars, but several collectibles, including a number of trucks. Narrated. 121 min. $18 VHS or DVD-R

 •The Foreign tape features several yards in the Southeast: one MGB/Jaguar yard in SC, one Mercedes yard in GA, one Volkswagen yard in NC, and a mix from AZ. There are some strange sights on this tape. This feature has many interesting comments from the yard owners and attendants. Narrated. Approx.120 min. $18 VHS or DVD-R

 •The Fall/ Winter `96tapes are a tandem set of two tapes containing tours of large salvage yards in Colorado and Wisconsin. The Fall `96 tape begins near Colorado Springs and then travels north of Denver. The Winter`96 tape continues with the yard northern Colorado and ends with a yard in Wisconsin. Narrated. Each tape is approximately 120 minutes for a total of FOUR HOURS. $29 SPECIAL PRICE VHS or DVD-R

 •Jack's Auto Ranch is a two hour tape of a diverse yard in Wisconsin. This is a yard I have gone to for decades and I still buy parts from Jack. This operation has reasonable prices and lots of vehicles. Narrated. Approx. 120 min. $18 VHS or DVD-R

 •The Video Antique Shop™ Pilot tape is the start of an experimental series of Antique shop tours. This first tape features a shop in Hazel Green, WI filled with various collectibles. Carl Frederick, the owner, walks with the camera and describes the shop. He restores iron stoves and has over a hundred stored away. Narrated. Approx. 120 min. $18 VHS or DVD-R

The Spring `97 Tapevisits north Texas, then Arizona. The sheet metal in both states is generally rust free. You probably have wondered what a southwestern yard is like, if you haven't already been to one. This is a chance to travel there without the hours of driving, days away from home or even gassing up the car. Narrated, Approx. 120 min. $18 VHS or DVD-R

The Summer `97  Tape visits Oklahoma.  The most current Video Salvage™ tape includes footage from four locations.  One yard north of Oklahoma City, another yard in Oklahoma City and two near Tulsa.  The yard in Oklahoma City specializes in Cadillac and Lincoln.  Trucks are also a common sight in Oklahoma yards. Narrated, Approx. 120 min. $18 VHS or DVD-R

The Fall/Winter `97 Tape set  visits locations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Iowa, and Illinois.  The length of the set is approximately FOUR HOURS VHS.  The cost is only $32.00. VHS or DVD-R

The Spring `98 Tape plus an added 90 min part 2  in New Mexico and Georgia, has just been edited (5-20-98) and the early orders are going out.  This tape incorporates a new guide that lists nearly all the vehicles within the footage.  It also takes a slower pace in GA with many interior and engine shots.  210 min. $28 with part 2 which has many hidden cars newly discovered at the GA location.  $18 without part 2  (all prices are delivered in US and CANADA!) VHS or DVD-R

The Summer `98 tape in California!!! Narrated, Approx. 120 min. $18 VHS or DVD-R

The  Fall Winter`98tape set inCalifornia!!! Narrated, Approx. 240 min. $32 VHS or DVD-R

The Spring `99 tape in New Mexico and Tennessee!!!Narrated, Approx. 120 min. $18 VHS or DVD-R

The Summer `99 tape in Ohio!!! Narrated, Approx. 120 min. $18 VHS or DVD-R

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ENCLOSE A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER U.S. FUNDS MADE PAYABLE TO VIDEO SALVAGE™  New Mexico residents must add 6.25% sales tax. All tapes are VHS/NTSC. European orders see below. Super VHS tapes are an additional $10 per individual cassette.  Inquire about bulk orders. VHS or DVD-R
Those ordering by mail: any two $18 tapes can be combined for a $4 discount. 36-4=$32

PAL VHS Tapes are available by special order - DVD-R media is for most DVD players. Please check your model before ordering. DVD+R available by special order.

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