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Spring `99 in New Mexico and Tennessee, Summer `99 in Ohio,
Fall `99 in North Carolina
Winter `99 in North Carolina
$18 each, delivered to the U.S. and Canada (others inquire)
    Here are some images from the Spring `99 tape:

The Summer `99 tape is also now available.  It is now being shipped to subscribers (9-15-99.)  It is $18 delivered to the U.S. and Canada (others inquire.)

Here are some new pictures from California.
Picture 1Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4
A Fresno yard with not much past 1953.  Parts go back to 1912!

The Video Salvage™ Summer `98 tape is now available at $18 delivered.  It is two hours long VHS and visits old salvage yards in California.  New Mexico as been bumped to a later feature.  The Fall/Winter `98 tape set (released November) will also feature California salvage yards.

My car hit 200,000 miles with the orginal drivetrain and battery from 1989!
It is now at 215,000 miles.  Sadly, the battery got too weak after nearly 10 years and had to be replaced in April of 1999.

The most current taping in CA was a success.  Many thanks go out to those who helped.

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