Video Salvage™ 
Video taped tours 
of salvage yards for 
practical parts search 
and nostalgia. 

Started in 1995, 
Video Salvage™ 
has been  preserving
old forgotten collectible
vehicles on videotape. 
Where ever people once 
discarded motor vehicles 
there are bound to some  
that escaped the crusher 
and found their way to 
some quiet resting place. 
  Video Salvage™ seeks 
out these places and 
brings them you, 
the old car enthusiast. 
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Some of the states
covered by the
Video Salvage™ series: 
New Mexico 
North Carolina 
South Carolina 
West Virginia 



  Video Salvage™ - Spring '96
North Carolina

This video tape contains tours of two large salvage yards in North Carolina. The length is approximately TWO HOURS VHS. The cost is ONLY $18.00. As with all Video Salvage™ tapes, first class U.S. shipping is already included. 

North Carolina has a good climate for the preservation of sheet metal. Many lower doors and bodies of the vehicles seen in these yards are in excellent condition. Both yards are in full operation and ship parts daily. Included in the Video Salvage™ - Spring '96: a look at each yard's supply of restorable vehicles for sale whole, the owner's description of the aerial photograph of each yard, and the comprehensive tour of each yard's contents. Even if you lived close to these yards, it would take you more than a day to inspect them. You can do it quickly and easily from you home anytime with the Video Salvage™ - Spring '96 tape. 

More pictures from the Spring '96 tape

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