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Videotaped tours of salvage yards for practical parts search and nostalgia.

Video Salvage™


Spring `97

Texas & Arizona, 120min VHS

$18 Delivered
Joel R. Yelich, Producer
N7425 Switzke Rd. Watertown, Wisconsin 53094

Turn up the air conditioning because the Video Salvage™ Spring`97 tape set is now available. This taped tour contains salvage yards in Texas and Arizona. The length is approximately TWO HOURS VHS. The cost is only $18.00.  As with all Video Salvage™ tapes, first class U.S. shipping is already included along with a printed guide to the tape.
First, Spring `97 visits north Texas, then Arizona. The sheet metal in both states is generally rust free. You probably have wondered what a southwestern yard is like, if you haven't already been to one. This is a chance to travel there without the hours of driving, days away from home or even gasing up the car.
Also available NOW! Jack's Auto Ranch is a $18 two hour tape of a diverse yard in Wisconsin. This is a yard I have known for decades and I still buy parts from Jack. The operation has reasonable prices and lots of vehicles.
When you have a Video Salvage™ tape, a yard can be accessed anytime by playing the video.

Visited since 10-17-97

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