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"The Emperor's Clothes at the Supreme Court" - Concerning the implications of the Free Speech Coalition case and to be published in Klixxx Magazine 7/2002.

The Seven Circles of Internt Content Hell A Summary of the Internext Talk

No Mail Getting Through: Trouble in the Copyright Office For Ynot News

Ask YNOT: A Question About Obscenity

"Under Silent Skies: A Dialogue with Frederick S. Lane III"  for Klixxx Magazine


XLP v. County of Lake: There Still May be Hope for Liberty in Lake County
January, 2001

Obscene Profits
February, 2001

Dirty Dancing
April, 2001

Two Great Decisons
May, 2001

"Dirty Words" and The Adult Internet: Freedom of Speech vs. "Protection of the Kids"
June, 2001

Not Guilty
August, 2001

The Ten Important Questions Webmasters Asked Most in 2001 For YNOT News
September, 2001

From Under Silent Skies: America on Lockdown For Gentlemen's Pages
September, 2001 - January, 2002

Inquisition, Intercourse and the Internet  for AVN Online Magazine
November, 2001

9-11 and the Fate of the Republic
November, 2001



Why Can’t the Media Report Truthfully About the Safe Neighborhoods Act Controversy?
January, 2000

The Beginning of Tyranny and the End of Privacy: A Nation of Suspects
February, 2000

Gold Coast Raid
March, 2000

The Decision in Kandyland
April, 2000

Illinois Starts Total Revision of the Criminal Code
May, 2000

If You Get Arrested: Sixteen Practical Tips
June, 2000

Who Says Adult Entertainment Can’t Win in Court?
July, 2000

Will The Last Person Leaving the Last Adult Performance in Chicago Please Turn Out the Lights?
September, 2000

A New Case Involving The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:
Schultz v. City of Cumberland
October, 2000

Brief Introduction to Section 2257.
November, 2000



What to Do Before You Are Arrested:
Ten Rules That Could Save Your Life, Liberty, and Keep You Pursuing Happines:
Part Two of a Two Part Article
January, 1999

US Supreme Court to Take Another Glance at Nude Dancing
June, 1999

Excerpts from the Notebooks of Joe Obenberger
July, 1999

DiMa v. Town of Hallie: Seventh Circuit Gives the Nod to “Hours of Operation” Ordinance for Adult Bookstore
August, 1999

The Law of Prostitution - Part I
September, 1999

The Law of Prostitution: Part II
October, 1999

Adventures of the Straight Player in a Crooked Game.
November, 1999

Changes in Laws on "Sexual Morality"
December, 1999


Sex in Chicago
July, 1998

The Little Pornshop on the Prairie
August, 1998

Police Deception
October, 1998

What to Do Before You Are Arrested:
Ten Rules That Could Save Your Life, Liberty, and Keep You Pursuing Happiness
Part One of a Two Part Article
December, 1998


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