Video Salvage™ - Fall/Winter `97


Louisiana/Mississippi, and Iowa/Illinois


The Video Salvage™ Fall ‘97/Winter ‘97 tape set is now available.  The tandem set of two tapes contains tours of locations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Iowa, and Illinois.  The length of the set is approximately FOUR HOURS VHS.  The cost is only $32.00.
As with all Video Salvage™ tapes, first class U.S. shipping is already included along with a printed guide to the tapes.
 The Fall `97 visits a yard near New Orleans, LA that specializes in Buick and Cadillac.  A car collection is viewed along with the yard.  The Mississippi yard is really a restoration shop that does not advertise.  They had an amazing group of expensive restorables.
 The Winter `97 tape travels to Iowa and Illinois.  Two smaller locations are seen along with a visit to Blaser’s AMC in Moline IL.
The first collection is all Cadillac nestled on an Iowa hilltop.   Next comes a yard in the middle of the Iowa corn fields.
Blaser’s is sometimes called the last operating AMC dealer and Video Salvage™ takes you there.

Another picture from the Fall/Winter `97 tape set

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