MACH7 - MPAG Meetings


Main Membership Meeting

3rd Thursday of each month.


Next Month's Meeting will be:

Thursday, April 17, at 7 PM, in our studio room.




Studio Furnishing and Decorating

We are looking for input into any sort of useful advice here, regarding studio chairs, tables, backdrops, and anything else which may prove usable for a quick-changing set for our small studio.




Remodelling is completed, and our studio facility is open for production. Sets and furnishings are still needed, but mikes, lights, chairs, and cameras are ready. Our editing facilities are fully operational.

As of April 2003, we have our new digital video editing and production equipment.

We have three digital DVCAM cameras, two Sony PDX10 and one Sony PDX150. This will add flexibility for our digital video production. I'm hoping to work out some sort of schedule for training with Premiere and our editing computer, so more people can make use of the system. We've enjoyed excellent results with it.




Meeting Location


All meetings are held at Muskego City Hall, in the Cable Channel 14/25 Room, lower level. The room is opposite the break room.

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