- Thomas Rose -

" 1018 W. Scott Street "

March 5 - April 9, 2005

KM art, Milwaukee



I have approached these fragments as memory exercises, exercises in the reconstruction of time and space. I have written them as an attempt to capture something of the physical space of my childhood and the constructed space of the house at 1018 West Scott Street. That house was designed by my grandfather, Thomas Leslie Rose, who I never met, except through those spaces and objects which he so carefully drew to my attention by their continued presence in the house. I have approached that space and these textual constructions with the eye of a visual artist rather than that of the writer, yet it has also been my intention to draw attention to the similarity to the life of objects and words existing beyond their initial meaning. My favorite narratives, whether text or visual, have always had about them the twist of irony and yet in my own work as a visual artist there is more poetry than irony. In order to better understand the world and my own relationship with it I have gone back to my first principal memories of place and the spaces which made up that place. It is necessary to remember that the images which make up these placesare the reconstructed and remembered spaces and are therefore more real and vivid rather than exacting. Darkness and fire are as much a factor in my memory as any part of the physical space and it was that darkness which gave presence to the objects and the spaces.

Thomas Rose, 2005

Below are images from the exhibit

"Front Elevation" as modified for exhibit card

The book "1018 W. Scott Street"

20"h x 14' x 1.5", 46 pages, edition of 5

Shown at left, stills from the DVD "Mysteries" by Thomas Rose, which recreates some of the experiments Rose conducted in the basement "laboratory" of the house as a child.

(run cursor across image).

This work inaugurates the Video Vault, a new feature for the gallery, located in the original walk-in safe of the gallery space.

Overview of exhibit, looking north

Overview of exhibit, looking north east

pages from the book "1018 W. Scott Street", showing exterior of house

pages from the book, "1018 W. Scott Street",showing dining room mural

"Where Do We Start?" interactive book, fold-out, 2 CDs of spoken word. Closed dimensions 6.25" x 6.25" x 1.25", edition of 70.

Stills from the DVD "Mysteries" as pages from the book, "1018 W. Scott Street"

digital prints mounted on canvas, from left, "A Complex System of Measuring -- Meaning", 50.5"h x 99"; "Hopscotch No Another Game of Chance", 84"h x 52.5"; "Standard Location Methods", 47"h x 85"

"Sulfur" still from the DVD "Mysteries"

"Gunpowder", still from "Mysteries"

"Arc", still from "Mysteries"

"Paraffin", still from "Mysteries"

"Quicksilver", still from "Mysteries"

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