"Difficult to find, impossible to park"

"Impossible to Find"

KM art The art gallery of Kent Mueller

KM art closed its doors June 23rd, 2006

I will be reopening as soon as I can, however, in 2007, 08 or 2009, 2010, or 2011 with Skip Tracer Fine Arts, so watch for that news on this site, which will become a virtual gallery until then.

THANKS FOR ALMOST 8 WONDERFUL YEARS! Hope to see you in the very near future!

Kent Mueller, KM art

IF you need to contact me, best to do so by Email: artkm@execpc.com

Article on closing, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Thanks


NEWS 9/ 08:

9/29/2008, the DOW drops almost 7 percent. This is not a good time to think about opening an art gallery. Plans to re-open are definitely on hold for this year and probably next.

NEWS 9/ 07:

FRED is dead.



KM art

The art gallery of Kent Mueller






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