"Girls On Parade!"

New Work by Carri Skoczek

KM art, Milwaukee WI, October 1 - 27, 2005

shown above: "Born To Be Bad". 5" x5". Pearl powders, nail polish, acrylic, graphite on MDF.


This is a taste of some 150 individual artworks in the exhibit. Carri is a Brooklyn artist who happens to be from Milwaukee, or perhaps a Milwaukee artist who happens to be in Brooklyn. Either way, these are beautiful works of art. The six examples below are a taste for those who can't make it to the opening on October 1, and this page will be updated soon thereafter. Most of the paintings in the exhibit are 5" x 5", but the six pieces shown below are 2' x 2'. These square works are anything but, Daddio!

And yes, that list of materials for "Born To Be Bad" (shown at left) is correct. Fairly typical of Carri's art work.

[ titles, etc. to follow]


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