Prophet William J. Blackmon

One of the very finest self-taught artists in the history of the field

updated June, 2004

Prophet Blackmon currently has no gallery representation. He does sell his artwork on the street on occasion, and can often be found on Saturday afternoons in front of the East Side Library on East North Avenue in Milwaukee. If you are ever in Milwaukee and have the chance to find him there, by all means help him and yourself out and buy a painting or two. Just meeting the man will do you a world of good. The East Side Library is located at 1910 E. North Avenue.

as of June '04, KM art does have two earlier works (1995) with good provenance available from a private West Coast collection:

Artwork Currently Available by Prophet Blackmon

Prophet Blackmon generally paints with ordinary housepaint (usually referred to as "enamel", which sounds better) on found pieces of wood. He is and has been a street preacher for over 40 years and makes his home in Milwaukee. He began to paint in the mid-1980s, and claims to take his inspiration from God, usually but not always depicting biblical scenes.


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