Currently Available, June of 2004

Paintings by Prophet William J. Blackmon

Through KM art

These artworks were produced in 1995 near the height of Prophet's career, and were acquired at auction by a West Coast collector. If interested, please contact KM art at or phone Kent Mueller at 414-226-2272. Prime works by the Prophet are highly cherished by his collectors and rarely appear on the market.

Above: "Don't Pull Your Support", enamel on particle board, 24" h x 24.75" w, 900.00

Below: "The Palace Banquet", enamel on particle board, 21" h x 33" w, 1100.00

Provenance (applies to both works unless otherwise stated):

Purchased from artist 10/07/95

Myron B. Shure Family collection

"Don't Pull Your Support" On loan to Halle St. Pierre 1998 - 99

Acquired at auction by a California collector

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