Guy T. Fisher

( 1949 - 2002 )

"The Secret Language Of An Unfit Candidate"

KM art / September 10 - October 16,2004

Guy T. Fisher died in 2002 while awaiting a liver transplant that might never have come. After returning to Chicago from Vietnam, he worked as a house-painter, drank his share of beer, dabbled with hard drugs, had his religious moments, and above all made art. He made over four hundred paintings, and a group of like-minded friends is now busy cataloging the work that was almost tossed out after Guy's death. With this same group of friends he had had a group exhibit called "The Hill Series" at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago in 1984. This was based on an abandoned industrial site, a brickyard that then became a landfill. When the landfill ended, it returned to nature as a landmark on the horizon. A perfect subject for Post Industrial Pleine Air Impressionism!

"The Hill" was only one of at least 20 series of paintings, all methodically worked out, of which 15 are represented in this exhibit of 45 works. He and the friends he made art with shared a series of studios, first in the South Loop area and then in their native suburb of Blue Island, in an old icehouse stuffed with finished and unfinished art and raw materials. Found materials are a theme with this group, whose art runs toward the Impressionistic: old pallets and odd-shaped plywood, framed with old lathing from demolished walls; painting tarps, tent material, awnings, even curtains and burlap bags, often stretched over abandoned screen windows, all painted with house paint and auto enamel. These are the materials from which Guy made his art.

Below is a small sampling from two of the series, "Der Hill" and "Roman Church".

From "Der Hill" series, showing four of nine included in the exhibit. Why Fisher chose to title them all "Der Hill" and his numbering system are two interesting mysteries to me. The combination of pretty and gritty at the same time is particularly engaging.


"Der Hill 39A" enamel on shaped wood, 16"h x 40.5"w, 1982. 800.00

"Der Hill 26A" enamel on shaped wood, 12"h x 23.5"w, 1982. 400.00


"Der Hill 36A" enamel on wood 23"h x 33.5"w, 1982 800.00

"Der Hill C5" enamel on wood, 18.5"h x 39.25"w, 1982. 600.00


Detail of "Der Hill C5"

From "Roman Church" Series, showing three of six included in the exhibit. Like many lapsed Catholics who continue to explore religion, Guy was apt to assign any one of the seven deadly sins to the Mother Church. These are direct and angry works, in contrast to the other series, most of which are very gentle in outlook.


"Lizard Boy"[Matthew 24:5] enamel on curtian material on window screen stretcher, 27"h x 24.5", 1983. 800.00

"Matthew 16:25" enamel on wood, 35.5"h x 46.5"w, 1983. SOLD

"Pappa's Savior" enamel on tent awning on window screen stretcher, 33"h x 28.5"w, c1983-84. 1,000.00

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