Bill Budelman

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KM art

Jan 15 - Feb 26, 2005


Josie Osborne

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"Boomer-ang (August 21, 2004 1:15 am)", 20.5h"x16.25" fr.


"Revolving Light and Song" collage/mixed media, 14h"x13"


"Brown Mountain Land(January 8, 2005)" mixed media collage, 10.75h"x8" fr.


"Infinity From a Corporeal Perspective" mixed-media box, 8h"x12.5"

"Butterfly # 4(December 9,2004, 9:50 PM)" mixed media collage, 20.5"hx16.75" fr.


"Closed Altar (mechancs of elevation)"

intaglio w/ mixed media 15.5"h x 12"

"Catskill Pattern(January 3,2005, 7:55 PM)" mixed media collage, 10.5h"x8 fr.


"Y (Cassiopeia spied)" mixed-media box,

13.5h" x 7.25" open

"Swedish Eye Job (January 2,2005, 1:30 PM)" mixed media collage, 10.5h"x8 fr.


"Protect" (detail) mixed-media box, 17.5h"x9.5"x3.75 deep (approx.)

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