Every Man Has His Woman, But the Iceman Has His Pick

(Could you please keep a chip under your heel?)


The Minister of Peace Seeks Solution with the Mistress of Ablutions

(Charm in a Jar)



Photographs of Jack Eigel & Friends, 2003

all photographs are in a maximum edition of five

$300.00 unframed, $350.00 framed

All prints are 8" x 10"

[Please note: The photographs are fine prints, what you are viewing is at 72 dpi]

Click on image to view slightly larger version

[Kodak Tri-X film printed digitally, sold in editions of five and printed as needed (some editions may not reach five, others may sell out)]

Mickey Birch Impersonator's Brief Encounter with Torchy Peden

Polka-Pop-A-Six-Pack Wasn't Home -- Holy Smoke!

Pulp election

Lord Wedgewood & The American Eigel

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