Scott Zieher & Daniel O'Connor

"The Art Center" 8"x10", mixed media. Scott Zieher
"Conservatory Society" 10"x12", mixed media. Zieher & O'Connor
"Salute" 11"x12", mixed media. Zieher & O'Connor
"Gas Mask" 12"x12", mixed media. Daniel O'Connor
"The Pink Dress" 12"x12", mixed media. Daniel O'Connor
"Blue Bullfighter" 12"x12", mixed media. Daniel O'Connor

An exhibit with a life of its own: Duet Drawings previewed with a one-night stand in Boston on January 19th, 2000. It was hanging in Milwaukee in time for Gallery Night on January 21, opened on the 22nd, remained until February 26. Now it will hang in NYC on April 13 & 14, then move on to Philadelphia April 15. Paris and Munich exhibits are also in the works, so I am told.

The six works pictured above remain on hand at KM art. They are beautifully framed in hand-made/found frames by Daniel O'Connor.

Each work is priced at $500.

E-mail KM art, Scott Zieher or Daniel O'Connor. All messages will be forwarded.

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