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Saturday, November 11, 2006
  Moved to my new site Yes, I am saying that in several places on this site; one of these days this old site will be off the air. In the meantime, here are some cross-references (not all of which have been updated since moved).
Reading Rat recommended reading
Leserratte Library etexts
The Colonnade links by topic
Reconsiderations articles, essays, and reviews
The Cliche Has Hit the Fan
Milwaukee Area Used Book Sellers
My Wantlist book shopping list
Robot Fighter by Russ Manning
The Provincial Emails
Cyclone 13 my sailing dinghy
My Virtual Oratory
Berres Genealogy
Curriculum Vitae
And I might use this site to experiment with a CSS three column template. 
  Ironicon Mickey Kaus noted the need for an ironicon. The proposals for an irony mark, the French backward question mark and Wilson's inverted exclamation point, haven't been widely accepted. In case this is because the problem is too complex for a single solution, I suggest the following for
verbal irony.Fe
dramatic irony!Fe
situational irony?Fe

If you can point out irony.Fe 
(What you're looking for is probably at my new site)

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