Helsinki, Finland
Hartwall Arena
Octoer 09, 2003

[Delta Dave]

Review by Delta Dave

A pretty good show indeed, even tho the arena was only about 2/3 full. Bob
and his band played very relaxed but still tight. Freddie took almost all
the guitar solos, which was to me a surprise, I hadn't heard him before...
a very personal picker... some solos were ok, but some of them were quite
a obscure, so to speak... sounded almost like Bob would have taught him in
guitar playing... Ha ha! Maybe that's why he plays so much piano these
days; there's a guy already on stage playing his guitar parts!

Set list didn't include any big surprises, maybe Cat's In The Well as the
first encore was a medium surprise to me. There was also some new chords
on its bridge part. The blues arrangement of It's Alright Ma was also very
pleasant to hear, it was the point when the band really started to groove
and Bob played some very attacking piano chords on it and made it very

Boots Of Spanish Leather was also re-arranged and I think it was the
highlight of the show. The song sounded very fresh and new and Bob sang it
very clearly and lively and didn't forget the little humour of the song.
Absolutely beautiful. Oh, and then there was Every Grain Of Sand too,
another highlight! Piano was really at the right place on that one.
Mr.Tambourine Man sounded very inspired too. Bob did his best to bluff the
band on chord changes by singing the lines as back as he could... I
couldn't hold back my laugh and it looked like it was hard also to Bob and
the band... Rolling Stone was also ultra-relaxed... right after the first
verse it looked like it would be the solo or something without any soloing
but then suddenly Bob got back to the second verse.

It was clear they had a good mood that night, even tho Bob did his best
not to lose his cool...! Maybe he wasn't absolutely sober, a couple of
times he stumbled a little as he lifted himself between the piano and his
guitar... More than once he also chose a wrong harp and at times he
studied his harp box during the songs as "no hurry at all, boys"... Maybe
that's why the feeling was so relaxed all through the show! Old fiddlers
always do their best shows in a little "mood", you know...!  Many times he
threw his hands off the guitar looking like getting bored of playing it
and threw it roughly on the drum stand and walked back to his piano to hit
some power chords out of it... especially during Summer Days it really 
was great fun to watch and listen...!

Yeaaah.... ev'rybody.....!!

Delta Dave.


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