Göteborg, Sweden
October 15, 2003

[Steinar Daler], [Bengt Larsson]

Review by Steinar Daler

I had 1 row tickets (suitable as it was 25 years since I saw Dylan for the
first time in this arena). When you`re on first row it`s impossible to
take notes so I will not do a song by song review, just give some over-all
comments. The biggest surprise of the night was the introduction; for the
first time since last summer and for the only time at this tour so far; it
was the old short Columbia Recording-artist introduction. I believe the
reason was that Bob and the band was allready ready (that`s probably not
good english) to kick of with the first song when the introduction
started. Tombstone blues as a starter was a surprise and good too - but
nothing you will remember for a long time. To Ramona was nice - but again,
I`ve heard it better. My highligt was Queen Jane, but mostly because it`s
such a long time since I heard that song live. Every grain of sand is
getting better and better and so is Koella. I`ve come to like this guy,
but maybe it`s his fault that the shows are to much rock-shows. I really
miss the softer points from last years shows. All in all a solid but not
exceptional show. One comment I would add at the end is that during the
encores someone threw a bra on the stage (Bob is not Tom Jones, is he?)
Later on a girl threw a bouquet of roses on the stage. That bouquet was
seen on one of the amplifiers in both Copenhagen and Hamburg. The girl had
left her phonenumber on the bouquet and was finally phoned from Hamburg,
being told that the roses had reached the right person. Amazing.

As you understand this review is written a day after I came home from the
last Hamburg-show. So here`s my total-review of the 7 shows I`ve seen
(Stockholm to Hamburg). Good solid shows - all at the same level with the
first night in Hamburg a bit up because it had a better setlist. What`s
best is Bob`s vocal. Better (more distinct) than last year. Another good
thing is Freddie Koella. He`s getting better and better. He`s a real good
rock`n roller but maybe that`s also the reason that the show are too much
rock and roll and too little of the soft and nicer points. The worst thing
is Bob`s harmonica-playing. It works fine from time to time, but it has
also destroyed some songs that could have been real great.  What I mostly
will remember from this 7 shows are Desolation Row from Karlstad - just
fantastic, a perfect Dignety the first night in Hamburg and a lot of good
solid versions of Highway 61. I`m not bored by that song any longer. All
in all I`m satisfied. Thanks to all my travelling companions and the nice
people I met on the tour. Hope to see you in London. I`ll be there for the
Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith shows. 

Steinar Daler ("sunset")    


Review by Bengt Larsson

Well, after the short intro we got a burning Tombstone Blues. Of course 
Queen Jane Approximately was the show highlight for the Bobheads in front 
row. However, it was done beautifully and ought to be a boot highlight as 
well. The show's  masterpiece to me though was It's Alright Ma, I'm Only 
Bleeding. I've heard it quite a few times, but never like this. Bob and 
the band nailed it and no future versions are needed. Ramona started of 
beautifully with Bob strumming his stratocaster and the singing was focused. 
Halfway he forgot the words and then he and Freddie two-toned it to pieces. 
As in Copenhagen, next night, Summer Days had Bob hopin' and bopin' all over 
the place… Great fun to watch! Keep shakin' those skinny, Bob. Keep on!

Bengt Larsson 


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