München, Germany
October 29, 2003

[Heidi Fischer]

Review by Heidi Fischer

And after two hours the five musicians in one line on the stage and in the
middle, he stands, the little man with no direction home, a little bit 
exhausted and shy, only one short look to the ecstatic applauding audience, 
a hardly visible satisfied smile and then they disappear and they will come 
back, maybe in a year.

Uncle Bob was in town, here in Munich. And we have seen and heard a temperamental, 
fascinating show of a 62 year old young Rock'n Roller and his amazing band. No 
hat on the rebellious hair - no Western Guitar -  and consequently no 
sentimentality, no cheap harmonies and no jingle-jangle kitsch. We got presented 
a hard and straight show and at the end almost a clear and strong Hardrock-Concert, 
thrilled by the energy machine, the hard beating, masterly Vodoo-drummer George 

Uncle Bob was standing nearly on the left side of the stage, bended at the
piano, kidding with George and inspired from his neverending energy and virtuosity. 
He sang his songs very concentrated, the focus is the  phrasing of the words, 
reciting the texts with the assummingness of an old practiced actor of the Royal 
Shakespeare Company, interpreting the texts of an poet laureatus, whom he had 
met in his youth, in the Sixties, and his fascination did not fade away
until now. 

One tremendous highlight of the show was the often played soft and tender love 
song 'Love Minus Zero/No Limit' . But what we heard was not the young Romeo 
ensnaring his Juliet with words, no, it was a burlesque parody of this 
often played scene: An old man, captured by the memories of the love of 
his live, stammers once more his confessions of love, nearly breathless, 
the head drunken from the idealistic picture of his fade away love and 
life and more he dreams, we are not quite sure, if she really was 
that goddess or a bitch and only the absurdity of his memory keeps him
still alive, looking out the window in a dark rainy night, seeing the 
raven with the broken wing. 

Minutes later, a few dark sounding guitar riffs, and an atmosphere was
evocated of a surreal landscape, once upon a time in the west, a village 
at the end of the horizon, and the harmonica played the tempting melody 
from the country between life and death. 

But the gloomy mood will be blown away, driving fast and energetic with
the Rock'n Roll Motorbike on the Highway 61 until the summer days and 
summer nights are gone.

Thank you Bob, for telling us all this bundle of very different stories
this evening and see you again - soon, we all hope.


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