Zürich, Switzerland
November 2, 2003

[Marco Mazzotti], [Yvan Sallin], [Gordon Darroch]

Review by Marco Mazzotti

Bob Dylan and his band played for about two hours, in front of a crowd
that was almost filling up the Hallenstadion and that remained seated
until Summer Days. That looked somehow strange at first, but then I could
more and more appreciate listening to the concert seated with full
concentration and attention on the music. After a warm up phase (of the
band? of Bob Dylan? of myself?), from "It's alright ma" on the quality of
the music was consistently very high. I was really impressed by Freddy
Koella, whom I heard for the first time. Of course the others in the band
are terrific, but this is no news. It's amazing, how different the sound
and the rendition of many songs are with respect to last year. This is of
course due to the new guitar player, and to the fact that Bob Dylan plays
only the electric piano and a lot of harp. I am not saying it is better or
worse; I am just saying it is different and it is extremely interesting to
experience all these differences. The sound is very different; it is more
electLet me say a few words about Bob Dylan himself, keeping in mind what
he said in the 2001 interview to Rolling Stone answering a question about
his personal habits and their influence on his music: "But the truth is,
it's my job to drive my own car, if you know what I mean. It's not
somebody else's job." Bob Dylan emanated a great energy while singing and
playing, and exhibited full control on the band (I disagree with some of
the reviews I read about previous concerts and his lack of control). Maybe
the phrasing was not always accurate, but this impression might also be
due to the sound, as mentioned above. Introducing the band before "All
along the watchtower" he said something I have heard for the first time,
i.e. "Thank you friends", which is very nice I think. Simple and straight
to the point, at least for those like me, who try to attend his concerts
every time he plays close to where one happens to be. In fact, going to a
Bob Dylan concert, I always feel I am going to a reunion of old friends.
It's nicFor those of you, who still have the chance to see Bob Dylan
around Europe in the next few days..... don't dare miss it, as the concert
poster was saying some time ago. Best wishes to everybody.

Marco Mazzotti


Review by Yvan Sallin

The first time I saw Bob Dylan, it was in September 1981 in Basel,
St-Jakokhalle venue. I was 23 years old. Yersterday, it was the
thirteenth time. We went to Zürich with Claude, Christine, Pierre-André
and Sonia, my girl friend, in an old black DS. The venue was’nt sold out
but there were people here ready to listen to a poet serving his poetry.
How? That’s the question. Rock, blues, country, jazz? I knew that Bob
Dylan would be on a an electric piano. It was on my left, the solo
guitarist, F. Koellla, in the middle. The rythmic guitarist, the bassist
and the drummer were on my right. The show began at 8.05 pm. On some
tickets, a special guest was announced. No one came. Bob came after a long
presentation. He chose a country, jazz color. It was’nt my favourite one.
His articulation was good but all the songs were interpretated a little
similar, with the same tempo. The sound was’nt clear. The voice was clear,
good articulation, but it wasn’t clearly at the top. Bob believed in his
show, in these words. However, all of that missed of change ot rythm.
Consequently, I was a little disappointed but next time, I’ll be here.
Thank you Bob. Next time, be more rock. Excuse for my scant english. 



Review by Gordon Darroch

I have never done this before but after reading Yvan's review feel
prompted to write at least a little something.............

First, I was late in getting there with my friends, I was sure BOB would
be on around 9 o clock, silly, really, he's getting on like the rest of

So there we were walking in during to be alone with you which sounded good
to my ears.

I last saw BOB at Stirling Castle where, although good, he was the angry
old man.

This was a different show entirely where he appeared relaxed, well as
relaxed as he could be, and in control and sure of himself.

There was still a little fumbling of lyrics but overall bob was loud and

The band were great although I felt Freddy Koella's lead was a little
nervous, hesitant, compared to the blistering fluidity of
Larry........until like a rolling stone where Freddy's guitar work went up
5 levels and eventually found a flow, rythm and tone that complimented
this wonderful rendition of the old classic. He recieived a glowing
applause for that.

Bob's harmonica was not the best I've heard but great to hear just the
same although this was sometimes drowned out by the wall of sound from the

I don't  play love and theft, unlike a lot of fans who seem to love it,
but to  hear these songs live was a great experience, as not only was the
music powerful but bob's voice was stronger, rougher, than on the album
and this made all the difference.

Talking about control, there was a lot of searching looks between the
guitarists and the drummer when BOB went on the harmonica and I'm sure  it
was some of those twitches and nods of the head that let the band know
when they could let rip

with both  Freddy and Larry taking turns on their solos.Larry even managed
to smile more than usual.

Most likely was great, the sound was almost mercurial, the music straight
off blonde on blonde. HW61 another blistering rendition. Shooting star was
lovely. Every grain sounded a little under rehearsed but great to hear.

Can't wait and love minus zero were so dramatically changed as to be
unrecognisable until the lyrics came. Cats in the well works great live,
go back and listen to under the red sky!

So all in all a great show, my faith in BOB is restored. The programme
could have done with a few more pages but the photgraphs, especially the
60's and 70''s are fantastic.

On a final note, the rendition of most likely was so like the original,
bob's voice a little rougher and the phrasing punched out, but maybe its
time to give a tour going back to the original music before the never
ending tour comes to an end.



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