WISE Division 1/18/04 Meet Review

The WISE Division's January 18 meet in Milwaukee featured three clinics by the following:

  • Trees For Your Layout by Ingrid Drozdak.
  • Favorite Shortlines by Tom Hoffman.
  • The Illinois Terminal by Bob O Walesa.

    After the clinics, contest awards were presented to the following:

    Catagory Results Catagory Results
    Motive Power - Steam 1st: No Contest General 1st: Mike Lewitzke
    1st: Trading Post (HO)
    2nd: No Contest 2nd: Wayne Hammelman
    2nd: Freight Motor #203 & trailer (HO)
    Motive Power - Diesel 1st: Ray Meyer
    1st: WC SD45 #6597 (HO)
    Photos - Prototype 1st: Keith Schmidt
    1st: Milwaukee Road 261
    2nd: Marion Brasher
    2nd: RI FT #90 Portholes (HO)
    2nd: Tim Scott
    2nd: WGN F-unit
    Traction/Electric 1st: No Contest Photos - Model 1st: No Contest
    2nd: No Contest 2nd: No Contest
    Freight Equipment 1st: Ed Varick
    1st: Shifted load (HO)
    Slides - Prototype 1st: Joe Russ
    1st: Switching North Freedom
    2nd: David Sima
    2nd: GPSX Pulpwood car (HO)
    2nd: Richard Cecil
    2nd: UP Wings
    Non-Revenue Equipment 1st: Mark Mathu
    1st: KGB Jordan Spreader X190 (HO)
    Slides - Model 1st: No Contest
    2nd: David Sima
    2nd: CNW gondola (HO)
    2nd: No Contest
    Passenger Equipment 1st: Wayne Hammelman
    1st: BH&W Baggage car #1136 (HO)
    Youth Award 1st: Joe Rauenbuehler
    1st: Truck Fueling Rack (HO)
    2nd: Marion Brasher
    2nd: Business car (HO)
    2nd: Joe Rauenbuehler
    2nd: CNW Boxcar (HO)
    Structures 1st: No Contest Best of Show Mike Lewitzke
    Trading Post (HO)
    2nd: No Contest

    Contest Room Highlights
    The Best of Show winner from the meet was Mike Lewitzke for his highly detailed HO scale Trading Post display. The model also took 1st in the General catagory. Mark Mathu received 1st place in Non-Revenue Equipment for his HO KGB Jordan Spreader X190. It was his first time entering the contest. In the Youth catagory Joe Rauenbuehler took home first place for his HO truck fueling rack. The Division has a seperate catagory for young modelers.

    After the presentation of contest awards, attendees were treated to the following layouts on tour:

    Don Drum's HO C&NW Lakeshore Division - Ashland District
    Don's HO layout is highly detailed and set in northern Wisconsin between 1956 and 1960.
    Rhinelander Interchange Frieght in Rhinelander Antigo station
    A Soo switcher works the interchange at Rhinelander. A C&NW freight rolls through Rhinelander. The 400 arrives in Antigo.

    Bob Reppert's HO Dawdle & Delay
    Bob's HO layout is designed for operation. A variety of motive power, equipped with Rail Command command control, handle trains made up according to a waybill/car card system.
    A freight gets a green signal while a hobo looks for a camp. There's an assortment of motive power at this D&D engine facility. FM switcher #1217 at work in the yard.

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    Updated 2/2/04
    All text and photos by Joe Russ. Copyright © 2004 by Joe Russ