WISE Division 2/15/04 Meet Review

The WISE Division's February meet in Milwaukee featured three clinics by the following:

  • A 70s Snapshot of Milwaukee by Al Lederman.
  • Designing a Layout for Operation by Ken Rodig.
  • Scenery Making Tips II by Joe Russ.

    Clinic Highlights
    Rhinelander Interchange 400 at Wyeville
    Ken Rodig explains the finer points of layout design for operation. Joe Russ sprays dye on to plaster during his scenery presentation. Photo by John Wolfe.

    After the clinics, contest awards were presented to the following:

    Catagory Results Catagory Results
    Motive Power - Steam 1st: No Contest General 1st: Mike Lewitzke
    1st: Other Side of the Tracks diorama (HO)
    2nd: No Contest 2nd: Jerry Gunderson
    2nd: Kemps semi trailers (N)
    Motive Power - Diesel 1st: David Sima
    1st: UP U-boat #2515 (HO)
    Photos - Prototype 1st: Edward Varick
    1st: Milwaukee Road 261 at Neenah, Wis.
    2nd: Don Cook
    2nd: GN E7A #512 (HO)
    2nd: Don Cook
    2nd: CP Alcos at McGregor Bay
    Traction/Electric 1st: No Contest Photos - Model 1st: Marion Brasher
    1st: CB&Q E at NX Tower
    2nd: No Contest 2nd: Marion Brasher
    2nd: GMD's on Bayou Crossing
    Freight Equipment 1st: David Sima
    1st: MP flat with backhoe loads (HO)
    Slides - Prototype 1st: No Contest
    2nd: Bill Stadler
    2nd: SOO flat #5053 with pipe load (HO)
    2nd: No Contest
    Non-Revenue Equipment 1st: Chuck Auclair
    1st: Bridge car (HO)
    Slides - Model 1st: No Contest
    2nd: David Sima
    2nd: Operation Lifesaver flat car (HO)
    2nd: No Contest
    Passenger Equipment 1st: No Contest Youth Award 1st: Tim Hellman
    1st: Mobile crane (HO)
    2nd: No Contest 2nd: Joe Rauenbuehler
    2nd: Circus flat cars being loaded (HO)
    Structures 1st: Jim Spice
    1st: Yard Tower 42 (HO)
    Best of Show Mike Lewitzke
    Other Side of the Tracks diorama (HO)
    2nd: Chuck Auclair
    2nd: CO-OP Granary (HO)

    Contest Room Highlights
    The Best of Show winner from the meet was again Mike Lewitzke for a highly detailed HO scale Other Side of the Tracks diorama. The model also took 1st in the General catagory. Chuck Auclair's HO scratchbuilt pulp mill "bridge car" took first place in non-revenue equipment. Such cars were needed when a mill expanded a warehouse to the otherside of existing trackage. Tim Hellman took home first place in the Youth catagory for his huge HO Liebherr LTM Heavy Mobile Crane. This Kibri kit was probably the tallest entry in the contest room in years.

    After the presentation of contest awards, attendees were treated to the following layouts on tour:

    Marty Edwards' HO C&NW "400 Route"
    Marty's HO layout is highly detailed and set in the Wisconsin towns of Clyman Junction, South Beaver Dam, Grand Marsh, Adams/Friendship and Wyeville. For more information, visit the "400 Route's" website.
    Rhinelander Interchange 400 at Wyeville Antigo station
    A freight works the yard at South Beaver Dam. The 400 approaches Wyeville. An aerial view of Grand Marsh.

    Burnell, Andy and Ryan Breaker's Belle City Division of the Lionel Lines
    The father and sons team have two layouts in the basement. On the lower level is British OO scale while Lionel equipment reigns on the top level. All use command control.
    A transfer table is used to move equipment around the shop area. Trains and a lot of accessories make for plenty of action on this layout. Under the Lionel action there is an OO scale layout featuring British equipment.

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    Updated 3/18/04
    All text and photos by Joe Russ unless noted. Copyright © 2004 by Joe Russ