detail, Untitled (skeletons), acrylic on navigational chart, 36" x 54"

Exhibiting September 16 - October 21, 2000


KM art

226 South First Street

Milwaukee, WI 53204


"My Lai", acrylic on canvas, 33" x 54"


Untitled (B52s) acrylic on navigational chart mounted on foamcore, 43" x 32.5"

Clare Mente sailed for 45 years as a Merchant Marine, often in quasi-military duty. He logged over a million miles at sea and visited almost every port in the world. On and off for six years he worked running supplies up and down the Saigon River during the height of the Vietnam War.

Several of the works feature an American flag motif, with the red stripes representing blood. On the left, the stars alternate with B52 bombers.

This is the second Clare Mente exhibit at KM art; the gallery opened its doors in October, 1998 with an exhibit of Clare's "Memory" Paintings which featured images from his Depression-era childhood. To visit that exhibit, "Ace and the Kids" click here.



"Rice Boats Is Acomin' " acrylic on raw canvas, 44" x 33"

notation in lower left corner: "Tandjung Priok Dec. 25, 1970 Indonesia"