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I am a mathematics instructor at Madison Area Technical College in Madison, Wisconsin USA. My address is 1701 Wright Street ;
Madison, WI 53704 ; Phone (608) 246-6567 ; Email alehnen@madisoncollege.edu
or aplehnen@execpc.com

The graphic above was generated as a parametric surface using the Java Program CalcPlot3D, authored by Professor Paul Seeburger of  Monroe Community College in Brighton, New York.

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Spring 2019 

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The Axioms of Humility:
A. Just because I don't understand an idea, doesn’t mean that it is wrong.
B. Just because I do understand an idea, doesn’t mean that it is right.
       Solving the Cubic Equation an Excel file using Cardano's Method to find all roots of any cubic equation with real coefficients.