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Invite the greatest scientists of the last 1000 years to your school and learn what it takes to become one yourself!

Celebrate the new millennium with some of science's greatest minds (and a cute little alien robotic droid). Through the magic of puppetry you will learn first hand what it takes to be a scientist. The inventor of the fireplace teaches how great technology fills a need or solves a problem. Gutenberg illustrates the power of the printed word and how new tools can expand your abilities. Copernicus explains how careful, meticulous work and writing are important for science. Ben Franklin illustrates the importance of reading and education. Marie Curie teaches that anyone can be a scientist regardless of gender, religion or nationality.

This 45 minute assembly program utilizes robotic, Bunraku, rod, hand and body puppets along with live action and video. Audience participation, music, and lots of puppets make this program perfect for 3rd-7th grade students. A version for libraries and younger students is also available.

For more information E-Mail us at: tim@reedmarionettes.com
or call us toll free at 1-877-803-6575

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