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December 27, 2005
Ice Train adopted by America as dog prepares for new home
Chippewa Herald
Dog rescued from tracks has adoption offers far from home.

December 26, 2005
Hiawatha Ridership Surpasses 500,000 in 2005
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Associated Press
According to the Road Warrior column in the December 26 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Riding the rails: Ridership on Amtrak's Milwaukee-to-Chicago Hiawatha line cracked the half-million mark for 2005 in early December, the DOT reported. The milestone was expected after the Hiawatha exceeded 500,000 riders in the federal fiscal year that ended Sept. 30. November ridership rose 14%, to 48,369." Amtrak also added an extra coach to the Hi during Christmas weekend.

December 23, 2005
Rescuers retrieve dog found frozen to railroad tracks: Siberian husky was 10 minutes from being hit by train
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Associated Press
Chippewa Falls - Ten minutes later and the Siberian husky frozen to some railroad tracks in western Wisconsin would have met an unfortunate fate.

December 18, 2005
Holiday Train helps feed the needy: Cold weather doesn't stop the spirit of giving
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
Sturtevant - Despite bitterly cold weather, hundreds of people gathered to welcome Santa and the 2005 Holiday Train to the Sturtevant Amtrak Depot and, in the process, significantly boosted the amount of money and food collected.

December 10, 2005
Builder Detours over CN
On December 10 the CP closed the KK River Bridge for maintenance work. That required Amtrak's Empire Builder to detour over the CN up to Duplainville. See pics of the operation at Keith Schmidt's Steam Trains and Tractors.com.

December 9, 2005
More CP Holiday Train pics
Did you catch the train on December 9? If not, check out the CP Holiday Train page your webmaster put together for stop in Brookfield. And you can also see the stop in Sturtevant at Steam Trains and Tractors.com.

December 8, 2005
Editorial: Building passenger rail future
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
Travelers across America are voting in record numbers for expanded passenger rail service in the United States.

December 8, 2005
Allis-Chalmers gear car mystery is solved
Unfortunately, it is not good news. Your webmaster contacted Avalon Rail, Inc. about the car, and according to them (on 12/8/05), "The news we have is that it was sent to the scrap yard."
Some background: According to Keith Schmidt, the Allis-Chalmers gear car that sat at the dead end of Washington St., near the entrance to Avalon Rail, had not been seen in a while. As of Thursday, September 15, there was a bulkhead flat car with a load of sheet steel in its place.

December 4, 2005
Keeping the food bank on track: Holiday Train chugging toward Sturtevant with goal of filling pantries
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
Sturtevant - When the Canadian-Pacific Railway's Holiday Train pulls into the Amtrak depot at 8:05 p.m. Friday to raise donations for the hungry in the county, the Racine County Food Bank will welcome the contributions in most any form.

December 2, 2005
Surface Transportation Board Requests more Information on WisDOT Purchase of Waterloo Spur
On December 2 the Surface Transportation Board (STB) directed WisDOT to submit additional information or a revised operating agreement by December 22, 2005, regarding their planned purchase of the Waterloo Spur from the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. (WSOR). The decision came from a request filed by WisDOT on November 4, 2005, for a declaratory order stating that the STB does not have jurisdiction over its planned purchase of the Waterloo Spur. The Spur runs 32.5 miles between milepost 132.11 at Watertown, Wis., and milepost 164.61 in Madison, Wis. See the STB site for the full text of the decision.

November 29, 2005
Kenosha Streetcar Line Expansion Approved
A public hearing was held on Tuesday, November 29 at the Kenosha Municipal Building in Kenosha, Wis. regarding a 3.4 mile expansion of the Kenosha streetcar line from Harbor Park to Uptown. After much discussion, and some attempts by a few aldermen to kill the project, the council approved spending $1.5 million of local and federal funds on the extension by a vote of 15-2. Part of that money will be spent over the next three years to complete a study and do design and engineering work for the expansion. [from information posted on wisconsinrails@yahoogroups.com - JR]

November 24, 2005
$11 million in federal transit funds awarded
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
Congress has appropriated more than $11 million for transportation projects in Wisconsin, including the reconstruction of the Marquette Interchange and the renovation of Milwaukee's downtown Amtrak station.

November 17, 2005
Undecorated SD70ACe 4007 near Duplainville
Fuzzy World 3 - Milwaukee
KCS EMD SD70ACe 4007 unpainted in North Duplainville, Wis. on November 17, 2005.

November 14, 2005
Police name girls killed by Amtrak train: Engineer says teens stepped onto tracks
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Oak Creek
Two teenagers killed Saturday by a southbound Amtrak train were facing and possibly hugging each other before one made eye contact with the engineer and they stepped in front of the oncoming train, the train's engineer told investigators.

November 13, 2005
Train hits, kills 2 teens on tracks: Girls were walking near overpass in Oak Creek
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
Two Oak Creek teens walking on railroad tracks in an area off-limits to pedestrians were struck and killed Saturday by an Amtrak train en route from Milwaukee to Chicago on Saturday.

November 10, 2005
The church bell chimed 'til it rang twenty-nine times for each man on the Edmund Fitzgerald.
November 10, 2005 marked the 30th anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald in Lake Superior. There is a great website dedicated to the 1975 sinking of the ore carrier, and the 29 member crew, at SS Edmund Fitzgerald Online. The "Mighty Fitz" was loaded with ore at Burlington Northern Railroad Dock 1 in Superior, Wis. for what would be its final voyage.

November 1, 2005
Cost of Canal St. project leaps 158%: Poor soil, incomplete estimate boost price of rebuilding, expanding to $52 million
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
The cost of rebuilding and expanding Canal St. has jumped 158%, from $20 million to nearly $52 million, Milwaukee officials will tell aldermen today.

October 25, 2005
IRM's Movie Trains enroute to Chicago
Illinois Railway Museum website - Union, IL
A variety of equipment was enroute to Chicago where it is to be used in the filming of "Flags of Our Fathers," a Warner Brothers production directed by Clint Eastwood. In addition to being filmed in the Chicago Union Station, the heavyweight equipment will also travel to the northern suburbs.

October 20, 2005
Wisconsin a key player in Amtrak's record ridership: Milwaukee-Chicago route at half-million for the first time
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
Against a backdrop of soaring gas prices, Wisconsin's two Amtrak routes played key roles in leading the national passenger railroad to a third straight fiscal year of record ridership, Amtrak reported Wednesday.

October 18, 2005
Editorial: Scrap light rail idea for good
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
Light rail once again has reared its head. Three workshops were held recently in Milwaukee to get feedback from the public on the seemingly never-ending attempt by some local officials to develop some sort of light rail system in Milwaukee.

October 17, 2005
Car-train crashes up in state after 5 years : Nation's accident rate for year is declining
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
After five consecutive years of declining train-vehicle accidents at Wisconsin railroad crossings, the state is on pace to reverse that trend.

October 5, 2005
Truck vs. CN train in Wauwatosa
Fuzzy World 3 - Milwaukee
The back of a tree service truck that stopped on the CP tracks was hit by a CN train running on trackage rights on October 5. The driver sustained injuries and the truck, hauling liquid fertilizer, was demolished and created a hazardous materials situation that closed the intersection of 68th and State Sts. for several hours.

October 5, 2005
Man walking dog killed by train
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
Village of Pewaukee - A 58-year-old man walking a dog near railroad tracks Tuesday [October 4] was killed by a passing train after apparently losing control of the animal, police said.

October 4, 2005
Man killed by train: 46-year-old lived next to tracks in Oconomowoc
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
Oconomowoc - A 46-year-old man was killed when his car was struck by a train in a residential neighborhood just west of downtown Monday afternoon.

September 26, 2005
Latest Amtrak station design a clear winner
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
Awful. Better. Bland. Wow. There, in a nutshell, are the architectural stages in the life of our downtown Amtrak station. Keep your fingers crossed that the latest stage, the "wow" version, actually gets built as envisioned. If it does, it will be a testament to the raising of the bar for design in Milwaukee.

September 23, 2005
Milwaukee Road 261 opened KC Rail Experience
The equipment which used to be home to the Milwaukee Great Northern's Midwest Hiawatha Lounge was finally put on display at Kansas City Union Station. The exhibit, KC Rail Experience, opened September 23 and featured a visit from Milwaukee Road #261. The 4-8-4 deadheaded with five passenger cars for a display there substituting for the LASTA locomotive #745 which couldn't make it due to hurricane Katrina. The consist included #261, canteen tender, tool car Earling, baggage-dorm Grand Canyon, 8-6-4 sleeper Minnesota River, lounge car Wisconsin Valley and Skytop parlor observation Cedar Rapids. The Earling, Minnesota River and Cedar Rapids are original Milwaukee Road, while the other two cars started life as Army hospital cars and then went to Amtrak. This was a matched consist.
The Midwest Hiawatha equipment was sold to the museum by Milwaukee collectors and moved to KC in August of 2004 and has been restored. The museum hopes the exhibit, which is only open Wednesdays thru Sundays, draws 250,000 visitors a year.

September 17, 2005
Nebraska Zephyr damaged at IRM in September
Illinois Railway Museum website - Union, IL
A message from Barb Lanphier, IRM President, concerning the Zephyr incident on September 10, 2005.

September 14, 2005
Editorial: Face lift is much needed
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
Almost anything would be an improvement on Milwaukee's downtown Amtrak station which, sad to say, looks like it would have been right at home in the old Soviet Union.

September 13, 2005
$15.2 million Amtrak station redux proposed: Officials hope overhaul will inspire retail, housing in area
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
A $15.2 million facelift would transform downtown Milwaukee's Amtrak station from a dark and dour railroad depot to a bright and spacious hub for trains and Greyhound buses, city and state officials will announce today.

September 10, 2005
Amtrak Will Raise Fares Over Energy Costs
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Washington
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Amtrak announced Friday it will raise fares nationally to counter higher energy costs, with Northeast Corridor commuters holding monthly rail passes seeing a fare hike of about 50 percent.

September 7, 2005
Train trestle may be built over Moreland Blvd.: Overpass could help alleviate traffic troubles in Waukesha
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Waukesha (WI)
With projections showing train traffic though the city on the already heavily used north-south railroad tracks will double, officials are seeking input on building a trestle over Moreland Blvd.

September 2, 2005
Remembering the Speedrail wreck of 1950
September 2 marked the 55th anniversary of a very tragic event for Milwaukee, the NMRA, and the future of interurban service in the Milwaukee area. See the article by Joe Russ, since modified from when it appeared in the September 2000 WISE Division Owl Car, about the wreck during the NMRA convention in Milwaukee in 1950.

September 2, 2005
Air Line bike trail delayed
On September 2 the Surface Transportation released its decision from September 1 granting an extension of the NITU negotiating period to November 5, 2005. Decision text.

August 28, 2005
Plans to build Sturtevant train depot on track: Groundbreaking scheduled for Sept. 24
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Sturtevant (WI)
Village residents will notice big changes in the Renaissance Business Park in the next few days as Riley Construction of Kenosha starts moving earth and surveying the plot where a $3.2 million Amtrak depot will be built.

August 28, 2005
A new view of trains: Amtrak trying to add allure, as fight over future rumbles on
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
The Empire Builder's name could become either the most ironic or the most symbolic label in Amtrak's fleet.

August 22, 2005
Vehicle-train crashes declining in state: Officials credit decrease to increased spending on safety
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
Vehicle-train crashes in Wisconsin have dropped dramatically over the past five years as millions of dollars were spent making dangerous track crossings safer or eliminating crossings, an Associated Press review has found.

August 21, 2005
State sets up terms for Six Mile Road underpass: Passage to be finished by next spring or summer
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee
Caledonia - The state Office of the Commissioner of Railroads has established terms for how an underpass will be built on Six Mile Road, which will help with the expected increase in rail traffic related to the construction of We Energies' Oak Creek power plants.

August 19, 2005
New KATY power moves over WSOR
Trains.com - Milwaukee (WI)
The UP's third "Heritage" SD70ACe (in red KATY paint) was moved from Horicon over the WSOR by train HM (Horicon-Milwaukee) to Granville where it was turned over to the UP. See the pics Mike Yuhas took at Trackside with Erik and Mike, Vol. 37, at Trains.com.

August 19, 2005
Plans for Amtrak station chug along: City authority agrees to help finance new design for building
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
The long-delayed plan to remodel the downtown Amtrak station moved forward Thursday, with the city Redevelopment Authority helping finance a new design for what some critics consider one of Milwaukee's uglier buildings.

August 19, 2005
Shipping delays may cause surge in rates: We Energies says it expects millions in higher fuel costs
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
We Energies said that it will face $45 million to $60 million in higher fuel costs as a result of railroad problems in the west that have slowed coal deliveries and forced the utility to burn more expensive natural gas.

August 9, 2005
Metra rail chugs up the mountain
Racine Journal Times (WI)
The push to extend Metra from Kenosha to Racine and on to Milwaukee is starting to sound like "The Little Engine That Could."

August 8, 2005
Pulling into the station: Area train projects nearing fruition
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
Within the next few years, south suburban residents might be able to catch a train to work in downtown Milwaukee. And when they get there, they could find a renovated station where travelers can choose among an array of passenger trains and intercity buses.

July 23, 2005
5-mile rail purchase could hasten bike path: Hank Aaron State Trail would extend westward
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
The state has begun pursuing an unexpected opportunity to buy five miles of abandoned railroad right of way and use it to extend the slowly developing Hank Aaron State Trail west to Waukesha County.

July 23, 2005
Doyle keeps Hiawatha rolling: He also favors tax for Metra extension
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
Gov. Jim Doyle will boost funding for Amtrak's Milwaukee-to-Chicago Hiawatha line, where service was endangered by a budget dispute between Wisconsin and Illinois, Doyle's office announced Friday.

July 16, 2005
Creek rail crossing may be updated
Watertown (WI) Daily Times
JOHNSON CREEK WI -- Although it requires a final decision by the commissioner of railroads, a proposed order has been recommended by a hearing examiner for the modification of the [UP] railroad crossing on River Drive north of Johnson Creek.

July 15, 2005
Amtrak's Empire Builder route gets an upgrade: Line hopes fancy food, new interiors will attract customers
Associated Press - Washington
Travel on Amtrak's line between Illinois and Washington state is getting an upgrade - including complimentary sparkling wine and cookies on passengers' pillows - with the goal of attracting riders willing to pay a bit more for a different level of service on the embattled railroad.

July 6, 2005
Brodhead Historical Society Receives Restoration Grant
Railway Preservation News
The Brodhead (Wis.) Historical Society has been awarded a $1,000 grant from the Milwaukee Road Historical Association for help in restoring the Society's Milwaukee Road caboose.

June 26, 2005
Sturtevant Amtrak depot gets green light: Station will be built at business park
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Sturtevant (WI)
After more than six years of fits and starts, a new Amtrak depot will be built on the east side of the Renaissance Business Park, village officials confirmed last week.

June 13, 2005
The Road Warrior column
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
Buried at the bottom of the column is a short article about Amtrak's Hiawatha ridership. Click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the article.

June 6, 2005
Budget pinch puts Hiawatha in peril: Fare boost, schedule cuts possible if Amtrak, two states don't come through, backers fear
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
Amtrak's Milwaukee-to-Chicago line is breaking ridership records. It's leading the nation in on-time performance. It's drawing thousands of passengers to its new Mitchell International Airport station. And it's caught in a three-way funding squeeze that could lead to service cuts or fare increases, supporters warn.

June 3, 2005
Soo Line to get temporary trackage rights over UP to Jones Island
Per the service date of June 3, of a Surface Transportation Board decision May 24, the Soo Line will get trackage rights over the UP from milepost 83.0 and 81.5 on the National Avenue Industrial Lead, a distance of approximately 1.5 miles. The Soo needs access to the Jones Island Yard while its main lines are out of service due to track maintenance from May 24 through October 13. For more information read the STB's decision.

May 27, 2005
U.S. at odds with Amtrak over financial projection
CNN.com - WASHINGTON (Reuters)
The Bush administration urged Amtrak Thursday to immediately find new cost cuts to shore up cash reserves, projecting the railroad could be substantially in the red by summer's end.

May 25, 2005
New rail deal: Super Steel could make $10 million
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
About the local company's new contract to do final assembly on Japanese-made commuter cars for Virginia Railway Express.

May 6, 2005
On May 6 the STB made its Environmental Review of the abandonment available to the public. It concluded that an environmental impact statement process was unnecessary and invited public comment regarding the environmental assessment. Comments are due by May 23.
History: On May 2 the STB released the decision that the Union Pacific and Wisconsin & Southern have jointly filed a notice of exemption for UP to abandon, and WSOR to discontinue service over, the Central Soya Line, Harvard Subdivision - a 4.4-mile ex-C&NW line in Dave County between milepost 85.5 in Madison and milepost 89.9 in Fitchburg. For more information read the Notice of Exemption.

May 2, 2005
The Union Pacific and Wisconsin & Southern have jointly filed a notice of exemption for UP to abandon and WSOR to discontinue service over the Central Soya Line, Harvard Subdivision - a 4.4-mile line in Dane County between milepost 85.5 in Madison and milepost 89.9 in Fitchburg. For more information read the Notice of Exemption.

May 1, 2005
Tearing up Wisconsin Ave. reveals... the TM
Construction work on parts of Wisconsin Ave. have caused a bit of Milwaukee railroad history to be unearthed. Track from the TM has been ripped up from city streets, apparently starting around May 1 (at Milwaukee St.) and was still evident as of May 7 (at Broadway).

April 29, 2005
Valley business park lands first project: Palermo Villa to build, consolidate frozen pizza making operations
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
A new business park being created on a former rail yard in Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley has landed its first development: a growing local company that makes frozen pizzas and sells them in supermarkets in the United States and Canada.

April 27, 2005
Woman, 86, hit by train on morning walk
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Village of Pewaukee
An 86-year-old woman suffered numerous broken bones this morning when she stumbled into a passing Canadian Pacific train, police reported.

April 27, 2005
Park East money in sights of both Barrett, Walker: It could fund Amtrak station upgrade or garage teardown
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)

April 26, 2005
The new Wisconsin & Northern power, two GP15s (ex-Frisco units) are in Altoona, Wis. as of April 26. According to Arlyn Colby, his guess was that they will be moved to Norma (north Chippewa) tonight (Tuesday) on the interchange from UP to WN. They will be inspected by WN Mechanical Department before being put into service, possibly next week.

April 24, 2005
Jolene Molitoris 'Takes Five': A few words on the way to run a railroad
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)

April 14, 2005
After derailment, Amtrak riders back on track:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
Article about April 12 split switch derailment in Milwaukee. As of April 16 two of the Superliner cars involved in the split switch derailment were parking by the Milwaukee Amtrak station.

April 11, 2005
UP: We Deliver, make that Derail, in New Berlin
While driving home from work at about 5:15 p.m. on April 11, I crossed the UP branch at Calhoun Rd. in New Berlin and noticed the local was still in town. Odd since they are normally gone by 3 p.m. And some of the cars looked to be in a funny position. And there was a reason why.

There has also been a C&NW bay-window caboose (which has seen much better days) on the siding by Champion Brick since November 1. It is used as a "rider" car. Note: It was no longer in New Berlin after May 25.

April 11, 2005
Road Warrior's April 11 column
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
WisDOT's name for the Milwaukee Airport Railroad Station (a.k.a. MARS). Scroll to the bottom of the article.

April 8, 2005
WSOR's Model Railroader 70th Anniversary Boxcar
Spotted near Janesville, Wis. on April 8.

March 7, 2005
WP&YR 2-8-0 No. 69 rebuilt in North Lake
See pics of the rebuild of White Pass & Yukon Route 2-8-0 No. 69 at Mid-West Locomotive & Machine Works in North Lake, Wis.

March 5, 2005
A beautiful ex-Gulf, Mobile & Ohio heavyweight observation car (former business car) was spotted under the 6th St. "ramp" at Milwaukee's Amtrak station on March 5 awaiting shipment to its owner. It was reportedly refurbished by Avalon Rail Inc. in West Allis, Wis. Visit the GMO 50 in Milwaukee page for more information. As of April 16 it was still there.

March 5, 2005
Workin' on down the line - at night: Crews will toil this summer to replace 34,000 railroad ties
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
Canadian Pacific Railway crews will replace 34,000 railroad ties beginning in May on more than 53 miles of track from east of Wadsworth, Ill., to Milwaukee on the same line used by Amtrak.

February 16, 2005
Railroad asks for more aid for upgrades
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
The Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. is pushing for more public money to improve the state-owned rail system on which the company's trains run.

February 6, 2005
Depot project gets on track: Sturtevant to start seeking bids this month
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Sturtevant (WI)
Articles covers news of the new station in Sturtevant.

February 5, 2005
Frozen assets: Ice trade saved winter for summer's use: Warm memories of a time when it was good to be cold
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
Article about how ice was harvested from Lake Michigan and moved by rail.

January 30, 2005
Sturtevant residents voice hopes for village development:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Sturtevant (WI)
Articles covers the debate of the location of the new station in Sturtevant.

January 24, 2005
Amtrak project can't get out of station: Downtown remodeling held up by alderman's demands
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
When a new Amtrak station opened last week at Mitchell International Airport, state officials didn't say much about their plans for remodeling the existing depot in downtown Milwaukee.

January 19, 2005
FBI officials ask public for help in electrical towers case:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
More than three months after two sabotaged electrical towers in Oak Creek fell, leaving Mitchell International Airport and 17,000 homes temporarily without power, authorities still have made no arrests in the case.

January 19, 2005
Amtrak launches airport link: Officials hope to draw Chicago travelers
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
Wisconsin opened a new train-to-plane link Tuesday with the dedication of an Amtrak station at Mitchell International Airport.

January 15, 2005
State buys rail line to keep service
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
The State of Wisconsin is buying a rail line between Saukville and Kiel that was going to be abandoned, Gov. Jim Doyle said Friday.

January 14, 2005
Amtrak on track to open at airport:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee (WI)
Officials expect to lure O'Hare traffic

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